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Are you experiencing NBA 2K21 727E66AC error at this time? If you do, you’re in luck as this troubleshooting article should help you deal with it. 

This bug appears to have no clear cause and so far, there’s no official word from 2K Sports about it so there’s no guarantee that each solution here is the definitive answer for the problem.

What are the causes for NBA 2K21 Server Error Code 727E66AC?

There are a couple of possible causes that we’ve identified for NBA 2K21 727E66AC error.

PC or console disconnected from the server.

Most of the players who reported this error code to us discovered later on that they had encountered a server connection problem. The NBA 2K21 727E66AC error usually occurs when playing on MyPark although I personally encountered it on MyCareer. This is probably because your MyCareer character is tied to MyPark as well.

Corrupted game files.

For some, NBA 2K21 727E66AC error is an issue that comes from damaged game files and not due to a server connection problem. This can be the reason why your MyCareer character may also trigger this error when you’re playing on MyPark or vice versa.

In some instances, corrupted game files can be fixed by using the buit-in app repair tool in Windows or in Steam client. 

If you are getting the NBA 2K21 727E66AC error on the PS4 or Xbox One, clearing the system cache may help. 

Damaged software.

Some NBA 2K players may have this problem if the software on their computer or console is outdated. Make sure that you update your PC, PS4, or Xbox One to fix issues.

How to fix NBA 2K21 Server Error Code 727E66AC?

Because there’s no clear cause of the NBA 2K21 727E66AC error, you’ll need to narrow down the causes first. In this guide, we’ll show you how this is done by following the steps below.

  1. Check NBA 2K server status.

    Majority of ballers who experienced NBA 2K21 727E66AC error have server problems so the first thing that you should do is to check for any known server errors or issues. You can do that by checking the official website of NBA 2K: 2K21 server status

  2. Restart NBA 2K21 game.

    Once you’ve checked for server problems, the next troubleshooting step that you want to do is to see whether or not the issue is temporary by restarting the game. Just close NBA 2K21 normally and reload it and see what happens.If you play on Steam, try restarting the Steam client as well using the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) program.Better still, simply restart your PC, PS4, or Xbox One and see if that will change anything.

  3. Power cycle your networking equipment.

    If restarting the game, PC or console won’t help, you can follow it up by rebooting your modem or router. This simple troubleshooting step may help if the cause of the problem lies with your local network.To fully reboot your modem or router, make sure that you turn them off normally and unplug them from the power outlet for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, turn them back on and see if the problem goes away.router 6

  4. Install update.

    Another simple routine that you must do when dealing with any gaming problem is to ensure that your system’s software environment is updated. This means that your computer’s or console’s Operating System must be running the latest versions. By default, computers and gaming consoles are set to automatically download system updates so all you have to do is confirm if there’s any new updates at this time.

  5. Repair NBA 2K game files.

    Some cases of NBA 2K21 727E66AC error is caused by bad game files or saved slots. You can attempt to repair the game files depending on what type of system you have.Repair game files on Windows 10 (non-Steam):-Press the Windows button at the lower left corner.-Search for the NBA 2K21 app.-Right click on the NBA 2K21 app.-Select App settings.-Click on Repair button.Repair game files on Steam:If you bought NBA 2K21 on Steam, you can try using the Steam’s Verify Integrity of Game Files tool. Follow this link on how to do that:Verify Integrity Of Game FilesFall Guys verify game files

  6. Reinstall the game.

    For others, the mentioned solutions above are ineffective so you may have to try a more drastic measure such as deleting and reinstalling the game. Keep in mind that reinstallation may delete your saved games so be sure to back up ahead of time.

Workarounds: Additional things to do to fix NBA 2K21 Server Error Code 727E66AC

There are a few possible workarounds that you can try if none of the solutions above help. I haven’t personally tried them but they may work as some players have reportedly used them to fix this error.

Create new character.

Some players have told us that creating a new character and skipping the prelude eliminates the 727E66AC error.

Once you have your new character built, try to start its career and make sure to not play the prelude. 

Afterwards, return to your original character and play it as you would.

Alternatively, you can delete the new character after you receive the NBA 2K21 727E66AC error, then go back to the old character. 

Make sure that you try both to see which will work.

Join friends in multiplayer.

Others have discovered that joining your friend in a multiplayer may get rid of the bug. Again, it’s for you to try to see if it works.

Load the game using old save slots.

A few players have noticed that switching save slots sometimes fix this bug as well.

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