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One of the few connection issues that many Madden NFL 22 players encounter right now is the “Disconnected From Server” error. We’ve been getting a lot of reports from both PC and console players regarding this bug so we came up with this troubleshooting guide. Learn what you can do about this issue below.

What does the Madden 22 “Disconnected From Server” error mean?

Madden 22 “Disconnected From Server” error is an indication that the game client has lost connection to the servers for whatever reason. Usually, this is due to an issue with EA servers but at other times, it can also be a sign that your internet connection is slow, keeps dropping, or non-existent. 

For a few numbers of users, Madden 22 “Disconnected From Server” error may also be an indication of a banned or suspended account.

This error must be addressed head on as it prevents you from playing any online feature in Madden NFL 22. 

How to fix Madden 22 “Disconnected From Server” error?

If you’re experiencing the “Disconnected From Server” error when playing Madden NFL 22, these are the solutions that you can try:

Fix #1:  Check for EA server issues.

As mentioned previously, the Madden 22 “Disconnected From Server” error may be the result of an on-going server outage or maintenance. Like any other online game, the online features of Madden 22 can only work properly if the servers are reliable. From time to time though, online servers are taken offline intentionally to fix issues or to improve things. At times, technical issues may force the servers to go down as well. 

To check if there’s an on-going server problem, you can go to the official website of EA:

Another way to check for any Madden 22 server issues is by following the official EA account on Twitter

Alternatively, you can also use third party resources such as for similar EA servers issues.

Fix #2: Update Madden NFL 22.

New games require more updates after they’ve been publicly released. This is to allow fixes to known bugs and improvements to coding inefficiencies that the developer may not have noticed before the release. 

If there is no known server issue at this time, make sure that you check for the latest game updates for Madden NFL 22 before launching the game again. 

Fix #3: Restart your PC or console.

Another basic solution that you need not skip in this situation is to ensure that you refresh the device by rebooting it. Some applications may not work properly if the PC or console is left to run for a long time. A quick restart should take care of minor bugs that may triggered the  “Disconnected From Server” bug.

Fix #4: Troubleshoot your internet connection.

After finding out that there’s no server issues at the moment and restarting your PC or game console, the next step in your troubleshooting ladder is to ensure that the cause of the problem is not in your internet connection. You can do a handful of troubleshooting steps  to ensure that your network is working as expected.

First, you want to power cycle your modem, router and all your network equipment. This can sometimes help clear network bugs that can affect devices that are connected to the network.

Once your modem or router has been restarted, you then want to run a speed test on your device to check if the download and upload speeds are sufficient. Madden NFL 22 online features such as Madden Ultimate Team needs at least 5 Mbps of download speed in order to maintain good connection to the servers. Anything slower than that may lead to network problems.

If you’re using wifi on your PC or console, try to see if you have an issue with your wireless signal by connecting directly to your modem or router via a LAN cable. 

If you think that you need to do more troubleshooting to fix your home internet, we recommend that you seek the help of your Internet Service Provider.

Fix #5: Ensure that you’re signed in to your EA account.

Before playing any online feature of Madden NFL 22, make sure that you’re actually signed in to your EA account. Sometimes, a game launcher like Steam may continue to run the game even after it has crashed, which means that when your Madden 22 game client tries to contact the servers, you’re not signed in anymore.

A quick restart of the Madden 22 game client should take care of this problem.

Fix #6: Check the email associated with your EA account.

If your account appears to be signed in but you are missing any online feature in Madden 22, your account is most likely suspended or banned. To know if this is the case, make sure to check your email (for your EA account) to know the status of your account. You should get the details why your account is banned or suspended.


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