Jaybird Run Vs Jabra Elite 65t Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in 2022

So we’re looking for a replacement set of earbuds.  Maybe you’ve had your old ones for a couple of years and you’re looking to upgrade.  Perhaps you saw someone with a newer pair and decided that you wanted to be as stylish as they are.  Maybe your dog got ahold of the cord on your last pair of wired (oh the insanity) earbuds. Regardless, you need to get a new pair and your search for the best wireless earbuds of 2018 brought you here.  I’m glad it did as we are about to review two of the best truly wireless earbuds of 2018 – the Jaybird Run and the Jabra Elite 65T.

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JaybirdJaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones for RunningCheck Price on Amazon

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Both sets of earbuds are terrific in their own right, but there are some little differences (and others not so little) that differentiate the two.  Both pairs are made by quality companies looking to fill a need and they do so very well, but the question is – which one is right for you? How do you know which buds are right for your ears?  Allow us to take some time, review each product, and help you find the perfect fit for you.


Jaybird RUN

Designed with athletes in mind, the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds have been engineered to be the perfect workout companion.  Whether you’re running down the road or pumping iron in the gym, the Jaybird Run is right there with you.

Sweat-proof, water-resistant, and easy to clean in the mud the Jaybird Run has been designed to go where you go, no matter the weather.  You can be assured that your investment in some of the best earbuds of 2018 is as safe as possible from normal wear and tear. Speaking of wear and tear, one of the biggest problems that earlier versions of earbuds suffered from were a “one size fits all” approach.  Some of these got a little better by incorporating rubber tips that molded to the ear canal, but even these weren’t perfect. The Jaybird Run comes with several different sizes of ear tips and fins to make sure that you’re worried about your speed and weights dropping – not your earbud.

Jaybird designed their earbuds to come with a mobile app and it’s the app that catapults the Jaybird out of the mire of earbud products we’re not discussing.  The mobile app allows you to customize the sound coming into your ears. Whether you prefer a bass boost or a louder melody the app lets you listen to your music your way.  The other great perk about the app is that it also provides a locator. Should you ever misplace an earbud or two, the app is linked directly to your earbuds making them easy to find.

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Jabra Elite 65T

While the Jaybird Run is geared more toward athletes and hitting the needs of that market, the Jabra Elite 65T reaches a broader appeal and it has been engineered to meet the needs of all-day-everyday users.  With up to 15 hours of daily use (5-hour standard battery life and two additional charges available in the charger case) the Jabra is designed to go for as long as you do, every day.

Part of the appeal of the Jabra Elite is its integration into multiple facets of our lives.  Enabled with Alexa technology and with the ability to sync to Siri or Google Assistant, the Jabra Elite allows you to give voice commands through your earbuds that can actively engage most of the smart devices around your home.

Because of the syncing abilities, the Jabra Elite will also allow you to make and receive phone calls through your earbuds.  Unlike some of their competitors on the market, the Jabra Elite features multi-microphone technology that reduces wind noise and ambient clatter on your phone calls so that your call is as clean as your music.

Like the Jaybird Run, the Jabra Elite comes with its music app that serves as an equalizer to mix your music and sounds your way.  Continued support on their mobile app ensures that users will continue to see improvements down the road and it’s not just a “what you see is what you get” experience.

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Both sets of earbuds were designed with a target audience in mind – whether the Jaybird Run with their athletes or the Jabra with their commuters and tech-friendly users looking for a truly wireless earbud to enhance every aspect of their personal and professional lives.  That being said – the Jabra Elite slots in higher as the best truly wireless earbud of 2018 based on its versatility, while the Jaybird Run will have a narrower, more niche appeal.