Incorrect Password/PIN entry on Samsung Galaxy S4 [Basic Workarounds]

Forgetting a password or PIN is inevitable for some people, especially those with several protected confidential documents or accounts. The same thing occurs to some mobile owners who tend to often forget passwords or PINs they have assigned to their devices, causing them problems when trying to unlock the device later on. In this content, we provide some basic workarounds to owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 who are unable to get past the lock screen due to incorrect password or PIN entries.

Password Error displays:

“You have incorrectly typed your password 5 times. Try again in 30 seconds.” s

Please note that the aforesaid error message is likely caused by the following:

  • Keying in incorrect password.
  • Incorrect PIN unlock code is entered.
  • Caps Lock is turned off/on.
  • Incorrect password prediction by the Swype feature.

The Swype feature functions as virtual keyboard for touchscreen tablets and smartphones, designed with error-correction algorithms and a language model to guess or predict what word the user is trying to type.

Incorrect Password Entry

  1. Type the password. Be sure to type a minimum of four characters.
  2. Make sure you are precisely entering your password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive, so if it has capital letters, symbols, or numbers, check if you enter them all correctly.
  3. In order to ensure accurate results, type out the password when using the Swype feature on your phone.
  4. After entering the correct password, touch DONE to unlock the device.

Important Note: One way to verify if the password you are entering is correct, see each character you are typing. They will be displayed on the screen before being hidden.

If you need further assistance in setting up a password unlock on your device, then please refer to Samsung Support and get support for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Incorrect PIN entry displays:

“You have incorrectly typed your PIN 5 times. Try again in 30 seconds.”

The problem on incorrect PIN entry is either caused by typing the wrong PIN or you forgot the PIN Unlock code.

Similar to password issues, you may also refer to Samsung Support and check on Samsung Galaxy S4’s support page for further assistance in setting up a PIN unlock on your device.

For Incorrect PIN issue

  1. Type the PIN and make sure you are entering a minimum of four numbers.
  2. After you entered the correct PIN, touch DONE to unlock the device.

If by all careful means, you still can’t get past the lock screen due to incorrect password and/or PIN entry, please contact your Mobile Service Provider using a different device. They should be able to assist you further in troubleshooting the issue, rather than immediately resorting to a factory reset.

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