How To Fix Hulu Not Working On TCL TV

Is the Hulu app not working on your TCL TV? There are several factors that can cause this problem such as a poor internet connection speed, corrupted Hulu cached data, or the Hulu server is not available. To fix this you will need to perform a series of troubleshooting steps.

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Why is Hulu not working on my TCL TV anymore?

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One of the issues that TCL Roku TV owners might experience is when the Hulu app does not work. This can be a frustrating experience especially if you want to relax and want to watch your favorite live TV channel or movie.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Hulu app issues on TCL Roku devices..

Solution 1: Power cycle your TCL TV

One of the reasons why the Hulu app will not work on your TCL Roku TV is a software glitch. A power reset or soft reset will usually fix issues caused by minor software glitches or bugs.

How to power cycle TCL Roku devices

  • Press a button on your Roku TV remote control to open the main screen.
  • Scroll up or down and select Settings
  • Press the right arrow button and select System
  • Press the right arrow button and select Power
  • Press the right arrow button and select System Restart
  • Press the right arrow button and select Restart.

Another way to do this is to unplug the power cord of your Roku device from the power source and wait about 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cord and make sure the TV is turned on.

After the power cycle has completed try to check if the Hulu app is working on Roku TCL TV.

Solution 2: Check your internet connection

In order for you to enjoy streaming Hulu content your TCL Roku TV should have a good internet connection. If you have slow internet connections then there’s a possibility that the Hulu app will not work on your TCL Roku device.

What you will want to do is to check the internet connection speed of the network that the Samsung Smart TV is connected to.

Checking your internet speed

Open a browser on your TCL Roku TV.

Go to This is an online speed test tool that is free to use.

Click on Go. This will start the speed test.

In order for the Hulu app to stream content you should have a stable internet connection. The results should match your subscription plan from your internet service provider.

The recommended speed to view shows on the Hulu app are as follows:

  • 3.0 Mbps — Standard streaming.
  • 8.0 Mbps — Live TV streaming.
  • 16.0 Mbps —UHD (4K) streaming.

If you have a slow or no internet then you can check if this is caused by an issue with your Wi-Fi network.

Turn off the TCL Roku TV .

Unplug your Modem and Router from the power source.

Wait for a minute then plug your modem and router back into the power source.

Wait until the lights turn back on.

Turn on the TCL Roku TV.

Reconnect your TCL Roku TV with the Hulu app to the internet.

Try to check if the Hulu app not working on Roku TV issue still occurs.

Here’s what you can do to get a stable internet signal.

  • Try to disconnect other devices connected to the Wi-Fi router while you use the Hulu app. This will allow the Roku device to use the maximum internet bandwidth.
  • Move the TCL Roku TV closer to the router . This will allow the device to get a much stronger Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • If you have a dual band router try to connect the Roku streaming device to the 5Ghz band instead of the 2.4.

Solution 3: Try to Reset the network connection of your TCL Roku device

There are instances when a glitch in the network connection of your TCL TV will cause problems when trying to watch a Hulu channel. You should try resetting the network connection and check if this fix Hulu app issues you are experiencing.

TCL TV network reset

  • Press Home home button on Roku TV remote control.
  • Scroll and select Settings
  • Select Advanced system settings
  • Select Network connection reset
  • Select Reset connection

Set up the WiFi network connection

  • Press Home home button on TCL Roku remote control.
  • Scroll and select Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Select Set up connection.
  • Choose Wireless.
  • Select your network from the list of available networks. If you do not see your network, select Scan again to see all networks.
  • Enter your network password. To see the password as you type, choose Show password.
  • Select Connect.

Try checking if Hulu is working on Roku device.

Solution 4: Check the Hulu server

Sometimes the problem can be caused by the Hulu servers becoming offline. Thr Hulu servers will go offline due to various reasons such as a scheduled maintenance or an unexpected outage.

You can use a third party website such as DownDetector to check the status of the Hulu. If the Hulu streaming service is offline due to server issues then you will have to wait for this to be resolved.

Solution 5: Clear cache and data of the Hulu streaming app

There’s a possibility that corrupted cached data found in Hulu is causing the problem. To fix this you will need to clear cache of the app. Take note that you should know what your Hulu account is before proceeding as you will need to log in again.

  • Turn on your TCL Smart TV.
  • Using the remote control select your profile icon on the TV home screen.
  • Choose the Settings menu.
  • Select the Apps option and then click on See all Apps.
  • You will be shown a list of all that are installed on your TCL Smart TV.
  • Select Hulu.
  • Select the Clear Cache option. This will clear the cache of the app.

After performing this step you will need to log in again to your Hulu account before you can use it. Try checking if the Hulu not working issue still occurs.

Solution 6: Perform a software update on your TCL Smart TV

You should make sure that your TCL Roku streaming device has the latest software version installed as this will usually have several improvements as well as bug fixes that could fix the Hulu issue you are experiencing.

Updating Roku TCL Android TV

Press the Home button on the TCL Android TV remote control to display the Home screen.

Use the navigation button to move the cursor to the Settings icon, located on the right top of the screen, then press OK

Scroll and select More Settings

Scroll and select Device Preferences

Scroll and select About

Scroll and select System Update

The Software Update pop-up box will display, select Network Update

The TV will search for an available software update, once prompted, click OK to confirm.

Update TCL Google TV

Press the Settings button on the TCL Google TV remote.

Select the Settings options in the panel.

Navigate to System > About > System update.

Select the Network Update option on the dialog that appears.

If an update is available, the TV will display a Software Update message box. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the latest updates.

Once the latest software is successfully installed, your TCL TV will automatically restart.

Try to access Hulu and check if the issue still occurs.

Solution 7: Check for geo-restrictions

The Hulu streaming service is only available the United States. If you are in an area where the service is unavailable then you might want to consider using a VPN to access Hulu on your Roku device.

Solution 8: Perform a factory reset on your TCL TV

If after performing the troubleshooting steps listed above the TV still is experiencing issues accessing Hulu then you should consider reverting the TV back to factory settings.

Factory Reset TCL TV

  • Press Home on your remote to open the main screen.
  • Scroll down and select Settings
  • Press the right arrow button, scroll and select System.
  • Press the right arrow button, scroll and select Advanced system settings.
  • Press the right arrow button, scroll and select Factory reset.
  • Press the right arrow button, scroll and select Factory reset everything.
  • To proceed with the full factory reset, enter the code listed on the screen and select OK.

Download and install Hulu again or make sure that it is updated before checking if the issue still persists.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does the Hulu channel keep buffering?

    If you are watching a Hulu show and it keeps pausing or buffering then this is most likely caused by a slow internet connection. Try restarting the router and your TV then check if the issue still occurs.

  2. I’m having trouble opening Hulu.

    If your login info is not the one causing you trouble then try to fully close Hulu and opening it again. Run a speed test on your device and compare your results with our recommendations. Turn off your device (and the modem and router, if applicable). Wait a few minutes, then power back up.

  3. Will Hulu work in any location?

    The Hulu service will only work in the United States.

  4. How do I disconnect Hulu account from other devices?

    If too many devices are using your account then you will be getting a warning. Hulu will ask you to pick which device to use for a period of time. To disconnect other devices from your account open your account page on the Hulu website. Look for the “Manage Devices” section, and click the “Remove From Account” button next to any devices you want to disconnect. You may also see an option to remove devices from Your Devices.

  5. Can I use Hulu without an internet connection?

    Unfortunately you will not be able to use Hulu if you don't have a Wi-Fi internet.

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