Huawei’s EMUI 10 to get August announcement

Many of Huawei’s latest phones are running the EMUI 9.1 interface, but it looks like an upgrade is just over the horizon — EMUI 10.

Rumor has it that the Chinese-based company will be announcing EMUI 10 during a keynote at a developer conference in China. We aren’t sure what to totally expect around EMUI 10, given the current problems Huawei is having by being on the United States Entity List.

We imagine that EMUI 10 would be based on Android Q; however, it wouldn’t necessarily be a shocking announcement to see this as a slow phase away from Android. After all, Huawei has been looking at using its own operating system for awhile now, and with the current trade fiasco, that development has been kicked into high-speed.

For now, it seems like the Play Store and Huawei’s Android skin are safe, but it wouldn’t be shocking if the company was looking to safeguard itself from any future issues that could cut into revenue.

source: PhoneTalks

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