Huawei wants apps from big name developers on their App Store

After being placed on the US Entity List, Huawei has been hard at work getting its own operating system ready for prime time in just a couple of months.

We’re starting to see some of the implications of that, as Huawei begins making requests from popular developers to make their apps available on its own app store.

Huawei has been speaking to developers individually, requesting that they publish their apps to AppGallery, Huawei’s own version of the Google Play Store.

Of course, developers aren’t going to publish their apps to AppGallery just because Huawei asked. That said, the Chinese-based company is trying to sweeten the offering letting developers known that AppGallery has 270 million active users every month across 350 million phones.

Those are some pretty insane statistics, but could very well be inflated. Huawei doesn’t really have a great advertising solution for its developers either, which means that developers could be looking at less opportunity cost, too.

It’s also not clear how secure AppGallery is — which could pose a problem for some of the bigger publishers, like Facebook.

source: XDA Developers

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