Google’s defending Huawei in effort to protect ‘national security’

Huawei has been literally going through hell lately over a looming trade ban in the US. It’s beginning to look like progress has made to avert the trade ban, but for now, it’s still in play to happen soon. But now, Google is taking up shields for Huawei, claiming that keeping them in Android would be in the interest of national security.

Google obviously has other interests than just protection national security here. Huawei, being one of the largest Android manufacturers in the world, obviously benefits Google’s bottom line significantly.

Still, Google claims that the trade ban would affect national security. And they do have a pretty good reason — if Huawei were to use a forked version of Android, it’s obviously not going to be extremely secure.

There will likely be an increase in malicious attacks, not only leaving international Honor and Huawei owners vulnerable, but smartphone holders in the US as well.

It’s a pretty far stretch that it would affect national security, but the possibility is there when you could be talking malware from potential bad actors, such as international governments.

The trade ban isn’t set to go into affect until August, and since there is progress being made, it’s a possibility that it won’t even happen; however, much of the turmoil and damage has already been done.

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