How To Set Up Wi-Fi In Poco M3 Pro

In this tutorial guide, we will teach you how to set up Wi-Fi in Poco M3 Pro. If you have this type of handset and need help in navigating its settings menu, this article should be of help. Read on and be guided.

If you are out of mobile data but need to access the internet, you can turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to a wireless network available near you. Once connected to a network with stable internet signal strength, you should be able to surf the net without any problem. Note as well that you can only connect to public networks with no password. Thus, encrypted networks will require you to enter the correct password. 

How To Set Up Wi-Fi in Poco M3 Pro

  1. Select Settings from the main menu.
  1. Scroll to Wi-Fi and toggle the switch on to enable the feature. Your phone will search for available networks.
  1. Select a network you wish to connect to. 
  1. If prompted, enter the Wi-Fi password. You will usually be asked to enter a password when trying to connect to an encrypted network.
  1. Then tap Connect.

Alternatively, you can also set up Wi-Fin in your Poco M3 Pro from the notifications panel. Simply swipe your finger downward to launch the panel. Then tap the Wi-Fi icon to enable the feature. Wait for the phone to search for wireless networks available in your area. Select your network to connect.

The network you connected to will be saved in your phone’s Wi-Fi library, but will be deleted when performing a network reset settings. When it happens, you need to set up the Wi-Fi on your phone again. 

You can also read How To Reset Accessibility Settings on Poco M3 Pro. For video tutorials and troubleshooting tips for smartphones, visit our YouTube channel. Show us your support subscribing to our channel. That would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading!

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