How to set up Galaxy Note10+ S Pen alarm

There’s only one thing that distinguishes Galaxy Note series from other phones, including other Samsung’s own Galaxy devices, the S Pen. It’s been with us for a while now and it has been a useful tool for most Note series users. It’s being physically tethered though means that it may become separated from the phone if you’re in a hurry or not careful. Thankfully,  there’s a built-in reminder mechanism that you can enable so you get a warning if the S Pen becomes physically  disconnected outside a certain radius.  This short guide will show you how to enable the Galaxy Note10+ S Pen alarm. It’s easy to do and only needs a minute of your time.

How to set up Galaxy Note10+ S Pen alarm

Below are the steps to set up the S Pen alarm:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap on Advanced features.
  3. Tap on S Pen.
  4. Tap on Pen proximity alert feature to enable it.

That’s it! You can now calm your mind knowing that your Galaxy Note10+ will remind you if the S Pen is separated. Keep in mind that the reminder will only show if you walk away with your phone and the screen is off.


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