How to Reset Accessibility Settings on Samsung Galaxy A20

Finding a lot of options on your device that you don’t know how you got it? Confused with some features? You may need to reset accessibility settings on Samsung Galaxy A20. Let’s check on how to do it. 

If you are looking for a menu that allows you to control your Galaxy A20 more freely, accessibility settings is the answer. Accessibility settings may include options for gesture controls, hardware key programming, on-screen navigation, take screenshots and a lot more. 

It gives you more features that you can enable or disable, depending on when you’re going to use it. From talkbacks to text-to-speech, screen reader, switch access, spoken or vibration feedback, you can find them on the accessibility menu. 

Some of these options may not be familiar or not in-demand to some users, that’s why they are not used frequently. They can be used one at a time, but you also have the option to use these cool features simultaneously. 

Using them at the same time might confuse you, or might create some issues on the device. If you have activated multiple accessibility options, it might be hard to pinpoint which one is giving you the headache. This is why you may need to reset accessibility settings on Samsung Galaxy A20 to revert the information to its default configuration. 

Find out how to properly do it by checking the procedures provided below. 


  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy A20. Just look for the Settings app and tap on it. 
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  1. Scroll to and select General management. 
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  1. Tap on Reset. 
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  1. Select Reset Accessibility Settings. 
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  1. Tap on Reset settings to confirm. This will revert the accessibility settings to its default configurations. 
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After a successful reset on your Galaxy A20’s accessibility settings, you may go to Settings > Accessibility to enable some settings that you might need. 

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