How to Play YouTube Videos In The Background For Galaxy Note 9

YouTube has become one of the most popular apps that Galaxy Note 9 phone owners constantly use since it not only provides a source of entertaining videos but it can also be an educational tool with its tons of tutorials available. While it is quite convenient to view videos on the app you will notice though that using the app on the background can’t be done. This means that you won’t be able to use the YouTube app while the phone is locked or when you are using other apps.

There are however several ways to circumvent this which have proven to be highly effective.

The first method to

play YouTube videos in the background for your Galaxy Note 9 is to subscribe to a YouTube Premium account

This is a $12 a month subscription which bundles YouTube Red and Google Play Music. What you get when you subscribe is ad-free music, ad-free videos, and most importantly playing and listening videos in the background.

If you would rather not spend $12 a month then another way to do this is to

play YouTube videos in the background for your Galaxy Note 9 using the Google Chrome app which  is an unofficial way to do this.

  • Open the YouTube app then open the video that you want to play. Play the video but not in full screen. Tap on the share button then copy the link of the video.
  • Open the Google Chrome browser then paste the link on the browser. You will need to choose the Desktop mode to keep the video playing in the background. To do this tap on the options button of the browser ( three vertical dots) and make sure that there is a check mark in the box for the Desktop Site. Your video will reload.
  • Once the video reloads try to lock the phone or switch to a different app. The YouTube video playing will be paused. Just unlock your phone then open the audio control from the notification panel. Tap the play button. Once you lock the phone again or open a different app the YouTube video will still play in the background.

Basically, these are the two methods right now to play YouTube videos in the background. If you want the process to be convenient then you should subscribe to YouTube  Premium. If you would rather not want to spend on a monthly subscription then use Google Chrome.

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