How to Make a Private Twitch Stream

Twitch is without a doubt, one of the most influential game-streaming services out there. It allows individual content creators to control their content, and build a community based around shared interests, be it gaming or any other medium.

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If you’re frequently watching videos on Twitch and wanted to get started on your own, there are a few important things to keep in mind, though practically anyone can set up a stream today. While having some information on Twitch certainly is a bonus, there are some key pointers one needs to keep in mind, especially if you’re looking to establish a private stream.

What is a private stream on Twitch?

This is where streamers can enable content for their loyal fans or subscribers as a way of rewarding them for their support and patronage. When this is enabled, only those viewers invited to the stream can join. This is quite unlike a public Twitch stream wherein anybody with a link can join in to watch or listen.

In any case, getting a private Twitch stream does have its benefits, especially if you’ve built up a base of subscribers and viewers already.

How to Make a Private Twitch Stream?

Step 1: Create an account on Twitch using your computer ( or mobile devices by downloading the Twitch app. Use your email address and be sure to enable the two-factor authentication feature. Be sure to use a unique username for the account, ideally one that is easy to memorize or remember.

Step 2: Use relevant tags and categories, though it could take months before your stream(s)get noticed.

Step 3: Start streaming your content and provide the link directly to your friends and family to start watching.

Subscriber-Only Stream

This is enabled when you have at least 50 people following/subscribing to your account and by streaming for at least three people/viewers at a time. Reaching this mark also enables Affiliate status on the account.

Password-Only Stream

Though this feature no longer exists, Twitch used to allow streamers to issue a password in order to view their content. The password could be provided in return for a predetermined donation made to the streaming channel/account or by sharing it off the internet with their friends or family.

Things to Consider Before Setting Up a Private Twitch Stream

Maintain your online presence

This aspect has wide consensus in the gaming community and one of the crucial aspects for any successful stream is consistency and frequency in content distribution. If you’re not streaming or off the grid for too long, your subscribers may start losing interest in your channel while you also miss out on randoms.

Set your unique identity

It’s a competitive world on Twitch with thousands, if not more streamers looking to make it big on the platform each day. With this in mind, being unique and original helps greatly, especially from the perspective of generating new subscribers to your Twitch channel. Make sure you pick the right username on Twitch while also trying to maintain consistency with regard to your usernames across social media platforms.

Sharing your usernames from other streaming platforms like YouTube and Discord can help too. At the end of the day, the surefire way to make it big with your own stream/channel on Twitch is to engage users and build your base through your channel, though this is often easier said than done.

It helps to know the people/audience you are trying to reach out to while also narrowing in on aspects like whether you want it to be a global stream or limited to people in your country/region.

Establish connections with other streamers

While your goal is to produce content for a specific audience, you will also find a great deal to learn from fellow streamers on the platform. Make sure you watch and follow content from the channel on Twitch that matches your genre the most.

Get the right hardware/software combination

The hardware or software doesn’t matter to a great extent if you’re streaming from a console. However, this becomes a vital aspect for PC streamers given the variety in hardware and software. Thankfully, a first-time Twitch streamer can use a wide range of software decoders for their PCs to allow seamless Twitch streaming. This can work if you don’t have the necessary hardware to accommodate high-resolution live gaming. A stable internet connection is an absolute much for streaming.

However, there are some small hardware tweaks you can make to your existing PC to bolster your streaming setup. This includes cameras for optimum video quality, microphones (if you’re using audio commentary on your streams), and a few others. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Best Cameras for Private Stream on Twitch

1. Logitech HD Pro C920

Let’s face it, the first thing you need to host a decent private stream is an excellent camera. This is particularly the case if you’re on PC. This is where the Logitech HD Pro C920 comes in. Designed for PCs, this camera comes automatically encoded to H.264, allowing crisp HD video recording by default. We also like the versatility offered by this camera. Logitech mentions that the camera can be mounted either on top of the PC monitor, while it can be attached to a tripod using the built-in mount.

The camera requires separate illumination, which is a bit of a downside compared to conventional cameras for gaming. However, the company makes up for it with automatic low light correction. Logitech mentions that the camera also supports 1080p Skype video calls, adding more skills to its repertoire.

Users will also like the fact that this camera for private stream offers USB Video Device Class (UVC) connectivity for PCs, accompanied by a 5-foot cable. As a bonus, Logitech has included stereo mics on this camera that offers features like noise reduction to help cut down ambient noise, if any. If you’re new to setting up a private stream on Twitch, be sure to have a closer look at this camera to improve your streaming quality.

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2. Razer Kiyo

If you watch games on live stream regularly, you will know that Razer makes some of the best gaming equipment out there. This also expands to cameras, with the company’s Kiyo webcam/camera, serving as one of the best for private streams on Twitch or other streaming platforms. Razer mentions that the Kiyo can record audio and video at 720p at 60 FPS or 1080p at 30 FPS, putting it among the top streaming cameras out there.

What’s also immediately noticeable about the Razer Kiyo is the fact that it comes with a 5600K daylight-balanced ring light surrounding the camera sensor, effectively offering excellent lighting and also video quality. Moreover, brightness levels can be controlled with the rotating bezel, saving you the trouble of having to jump through software-related hurdles.

We also like the fact that this camera has a folding design that makes it accessible on the go. Much like any other Twitch stream-friendly camera, the Razer Kiyo comes with a USB connection, making it ideal for PC gamers out there.

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Best Microphones for Private Stream on Twitch

1. Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti microphone comes on top of almost every recommendation for Twitch gamers. Any stream is improved greatly with personal commentary, which is particularly the case for games. In terms of features, the Blue Yeti has a powerful three-capsule array offering broadcast-quality audio every single time. It also supports multiple voice pickup patterns including cardioid, Omni, bidirectional, and stereo, making this an incredibly versatile offering overall.

Built specifically with streaming enthusiasts in mind, this microphone has onboard controls for headphone volume, instant mute, among others. If you have multiple friends/speakers on your Twitch private stream, you can simply pivot the microphone in the direction of the speaker for better voice pickup. This is thanks to the unique design that blends in with any position.

Given that this is designed for PC gamers/streamers, this microphone connects with your devices over USB. We also like the fact that the Blue Yeti is available in multiple colors including Blackout, Midnight Blue, and Silver. This is a plug-and-play microphone which means you don’t need to install additional drivers prior to using it. The Blue Yeti comes with 2-years of warranty as well.

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2. HyperX QuadCast

The second microphone for a private stream on Twitch is the HyperX QuadCast which has built a reputation for being among the most preferred mics by gamers. It has a pretty unique design which is complemented well by the internal features. For starters, the QuadCast comes with four polar patterns to choose from including stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional. It also allows offers easy gain control adjustment with a dial on the bottom. There’s also a simple tap-to-mute sensor which is absolutely necessary for any public/private stream.

The use of elastic rope suspension allows the microphone to completely cut down vibrations and rumbles on the camera, offering a more efficient performance while broadcasting. Much like the microphone we talked about above, the HyperX QuadCast comes with a standard USB connection, making it ideal for PC or Mac. The company also offers mic mounts compatible with 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch threaded setups.

This is a must-have for pretty much any streamer, regardless of the streaming platform you’re on (YouTube, Discord, etc). If you’re looking to improve the overall quality of your stream, we highly recommend the HyperX QuadCast. It doesn’t you to have prior streaming experience since it’s a plug-and-play device compatible with Twitch, Youtube, and Discord among other media/streaming sites.

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Best Equipment for Private Stream on Twitch

1. Emart Green Screen Backdrop

Now that we’ve dealt with cameras and microphones for your personal stream, let’s talk about some equipment that can help take your streaming game to the next level, starting with a green screen. This is a standard green screen that you place behind you so that you can use software to extensively customize the background.

This particular green screen by Emart comes in a size of 10 x 12 feet and is accompanied by four backdrop clamps to hold it together. However, the manufacturer mentions that no backdrop stand is provided for these clamps. The green screen is made of cotton and is reportedly washable. However, the manufacturer mentions that it may need ironing to remove wrinkles after a wash.

The best part about a green screen is that it can always come in handy, even if you’re not streaming on a regular basis. Be sure to check it out.

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2. HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit

If you have an excellent camera and microphone but not adequate lighting for streaming, this is the comprehensive kit you need to consider. This kit comes with two 50 x 70 cm reflectors, along with two 85W CFL bulbs in order to establish a professional lighting environment in the room of your choice. The reflector stand has a 210-degree rotatable head and can be adjusted accordingly.

Understandably, a setup of this size is better suited for larger rooms with enough area for the light to distribute. So we recommend you to stay away from this if you’re streaming out of a smaller room. It goes without saying that good lighting makes your stream look more professional, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. As for the sockets offered with the lighting kit, it uses a standard E27 socket, allowing you to replace or change bulbs in the future.

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LogitechLogitech HD Pro Webcam C920, Widescreen Video Calling and RecordingCheck Price on Amazon
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* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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