How to locate misplaced Galaxy Buds | find your missing Samsung earbuds

Are you trying to find your missing Samsung earbuds? Don’t worry as there’s an easy way to locate your misplaced Galaxy Buds. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you the steps that you can do to find your missing earbuds in no time.

How to locate misplaced Galaxy Buds | find your missing Samsung earbuds

Unlike traditional headphones, the modern Galaxy Buds does not have cords to restrain one or both earbuds from getting separated. If your earbuds are missing and you can’t find it, don’t worry. Samsung has thought about this possibility and so there is a feature in the Galaxy Wearable app that you can use to help you find your earbuds. If you lost the Galaxy Buds while connected to your phone, you can locate the misplaced earbuds using the Find My Earbuds feature. Follow the steps below to do that.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app by swipe up or down on the Home screen to access the Apps screen. Tap the Samsung folder, and then touch Galaxy Wearable. 
  2. To start looking for the misplaced Galaxy Buds, tap Find My Earbuds.
  3. Tap Start.
  4. If the earbuds is within range (less then 30 feet of the phone), they will start beeping, getting gradually louder for a period of 3 minutes. 
  5. Once you’ve located the earbuds, tap Stop to end the search.

Why misplaced Galaxy Buds may not beep or make a sound

There are a number of reasons why Find My Earbuds may not work in locating your misplaced Galaxy Buds. 

  • For one, the missing earbuds may be out of range or Bluetooth connection between them and your phone is bad.
  • The IR sensor of the Galaxy Buds may be detecting dirt, lint, or foreign object. 
  • The battery of your earbuds is dead.
  • The earbuds detect that it’s being worn.
  • There are smudges on the touch-sensitive part of the earbuds. This can also happen if the touch-sensitive sensor is covered in fabric, dust, or ear wax.


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