How to Delete Photos From Google Photos

Storage is almost full on your Google drive? Try to delete photos from Google photos and save enough memory. Don’t know how to do it? Check out the instructions provided as you read further on this post. 

Google photos is developed by Google to allow file sharing and accessing of images using a Google account across Android devices. You can upload and store the images taken on an Android device using its cloud services. 

This feature allows a convenient way to share and access your photos by logging in your Google account on Android devices. You can even use the Google drive services to access the files on a computer or laptop. 

The service is very easy to use as well. All you need to have is a Google account signed in on your Android device. You also need to download the Google Photos app and install it on your phone. 

Since it is very enjoyable to use such a free service, the storage could easily get bumped and it may only take a moment before it gets full. This is the reason why you need to have an essential knowledge on how to delete photos from Google photos once the storage becomes low. 

Follow the procedures provided below and free up some storage space on your Google drive by deleting some items on your Google photos

Steps to Remove Photos on Google Photos: 

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your phone. Just look for the app and tap on it. 
  1. Look for the photos that you don’t need or you want to delete. You may scroll to find them. Tap and hold on the photo or image that you want to delete. You can select them one by one or use the select all option.
  1. Select the Delete option. You can tap the trash icon at the upper-right corner. 
  1. Tap OK to confirm. This will move the items to the recycle bin. 
  1. Tap on Allow to confirm selection. 
  1. To totally delete the photos, go to the Library and tap on Bin. Select the Delete all option to permanently delete the photos. 

Other Ways to Delete Photos on Google Photos

Aside from using the Google Photos app on your Android smartphone, you can also clear photos using a laptop or computer. For you to do that, go to and sign in your Google account. 

Once signed in successfully, access the Photos. Then start selecting the images that you want to delete. Click on the trash or delete icon to delete the photos. Once deleted, go to Trash and delete the images there to permanently delete the photos and save some memory on your Google photos drive

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