How to Fix if Poco M3 Pro Gets Stuck on Black Screen

Can’t get anything on the screen as it only shows a black sheet of glass? Check out how you can deal with a Poco M3 Pro if it gets stuck on black screen through this post. 

You might wonder why your phone is not showing anything on the screen, but you can hear some sounds or vibration coming from it. Then it might be showing some black screen problem. 

A Poco M3 Pro that is stuck on black screen might have been due to hardware damage. Several factors could cause such an issue, and one of them is when the phone has been dropped accidentally. Putting the phone inside tight pockets could also damage the screen and may lead into a black screen problem. 

If your phone has started showing a black screen problem after a physical activity, then you will need to go directly to an authorized service center and have the phone checked by their technician. 

Getting a black screen issue is different from the phone not turning on. With a black screen issue, you still hear some sounds and vibrations coming from the phone that indicates it is still turned on. Whereas with a not turning on problem, the Poco M3 Pro will not show any signs of life. 

If your phone is not turning on instead, you will need to perform a different troubleshooting guide for that matter. But if it is only stuck on the black screen and you still see some signs of life on the Poco M3 Pro, feel free to follow the procedures that I have mapped out below. 

Just ensure that the device did not incur any physical trauma before the Poco M3 Pro gets stuck on the black screen, as these methods are designed to address software glitches that may have been causing the problem. 

Steps to Fix a Poco M3 Pro That’s Stuck on Black Screen: 

  1. Power Cycle the Poco M3 Pro

Initiating a power cycle is important to possibly remove any minor system glitch that may have been preventing the screen to go online. A power cycle helps the device to cut off the power and may improve its performance. 

To perform a power cycle, press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds or until you see an indication on the screen (if any) that it has restarted. If the phone has successfully booted up, you may need to update some apps and check for possible software updates. 

Updating the apps would be a great help in addressing glitches such as a black screen problem. It stabilizes the app’s performance and improves its bug-dealing capabilities. To update the apps, just tap on the Google Play store. Then tap on your profile at the upper-right corner. Select Manage apps and devices. Then tap on App updates. 

To check for possible software updates, just go to Settings > About phone. Tap on the MIUI version and wait for the device to check for an update. If there’s an available update, it is best suggested to update your Poco M3 Pro to the latest version and it could help in addressing future problems that may cause a black screen issue. 

  1. Access Recovery Screen on Poco M3 Pro

If the Poco M3 Pro is still stuck on the black screen after trying a power cycle, then accessing the recovery mode might be worth giving a shot in fixing the issue. 

To access the recovery mode, you will need to turn off the device. Since you can’t tell if the phone has been turned off, try to wait until the battery has been drained. Then press and hold the Power button and the Volume Up button until you see the recovery screen. 

  1. Hard Reset the Poco M3 Pro

If you are able to access the recovery screen, try to perform a hard reset on your Poco M3 Pro. Using the Volume keys, highlight Wipe Data. Once it is highlighted, press the Power key to make a selection. 

Highlight Wipe All Data and press the Power key to confirm. This procedure will reset the device to its default factory settings, thus you will lose your personal files. 

Poco M3 Pro Still Stuck on Black Screen

If you still have a black screen problem, your Poco M3 Pro might be experiencing a hardware problem should the black screen problem have not been fixed after performing the procedures provided above. For this matter, you should contact Poco Support for further assistance. 

You can visit the nearest service center in your area or check Poco’s official website for more information and recommendations on how to fix a Poco M3 Pro that gets stuck on black screen issue. Thank you for giving time in reading this post. 

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