How to fix Galaxy J7 texting issue: can’t send and receive picture messages (MMS)

Hello and welcome to another troubleshooting article for the #GalaxyJ7. This short article will answer four cases for this device. Like in other articles in this blog, we both provide the cases and solutions for them. We hope you’ll find this post helpful.

Problem #1: Galaxy J7 keeps getting text not sent when using Textra app

I did the update on my Samsung Galaxy J7 that took away the the text tone notifications so I downloaded Textra app to use for texting. I have been using it until a few days ago I downloaded another update and then I could not send any text messages they would say they were sent but nobody would get them but I could receive text messages. I went to Best Buy and the guy did a network reset. I had taken the Textra app off and it worked for a day I put the Textra app back on and the same problem happened again so I took it off again . why can’t I use the Textra app with this new Samsung update is anyone else having this problem?

Solution: We can’t see any reason why a popular texting app such as Textra app won’t work all of a sudden other than a possibility of a bug. Whether there’s a coding issue within the app itself is beyond us. It’s the app developer’s job to determine why their product won’t work in a particular device.

On your end, the best things that you can do is to report the trouble to the app developer and stop using it — for now. Try to use other texting apps as a workaround if you can’t use Textra or Samsung’s Messages. Google’s Android Messages can be a good app to start with. If you don’t like it, find similar apps in the Play Store.

Problem #2: Galaxy J7 won’t turn on after removing SIM card

The phone was at 77%, draining too quickly I thought; it has a double SIM card, from Phil and Canada, so I took the Can. SIM card out in case it was somehow roaming – the phone would not turn back on; I thought to charge it, just got a battery logo flashing every second and a half, the logo was white and gray.  I had the charging plugin port repaired 2-3 days ago, all seemed fine but now no operation. Is the battery defunct? Dead? Thanks.

Solution: If the previous repair was done by a non-Samsung technician, there’s a chance it may had been done carelessly, or that the replacement part may be defective. If possible, try bringing the device back to the same shop that did the repair so you don’t need to explain what happened before the trouble. Like doctors, technicians sometimes need the history of a device in order to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

As far as troubleshooting on your level is concerned, there’s nothing much that you can do really. Try to see if the phone will charge using another set of charging cable and adapter. If that won’t work, go ahead with our first suggestion to bring it back to the shop.

Problem #3: How to fix Galaxy J7 texting issue: can’t send and receive picture messages (MMS)

Have Samsung J7 has been factory reset . Bought used with guarantee. Had same issue with old phone. This is why i bought the J7 to get rid of the issue with sending and receiving photos through text messaging. I was told the phone was defective and to get another phone, but The new phone does the same thing as the old one. It says it cannot be sent until network is connected. When trying to send it sits there and spools , but never completes. It sends and receives typed messages, just wont send or receive photos… Im beginning to think its the sim card. Ive tried everything else… help!!!!

Solution: While regular texts (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) use the same cellular network, they use separate protocols. Most carriers don’t automatically offer MMS as a regular service. Instead, subscribers must pay for MMS on top of SMS. MMS requires that the subscriber has mobile data subscription in order to work. So, if you do not have mobile data subscription at all, or has not specifically subscribed to MMS, it’s understandable why you have the same exact problem on both phones. Make sure to talk to your carrier so they can advise you on how to activate MMS.

Problem #4: Galaxy J7 JPG files can’t be read by computer

I recently took both stills and videos during a “bucket list” adventure on vacation. The first few pics and videos are fine. Then, for .jpg pics, there’s an error message “This file format cannot be opened.” For the videos, the message is “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.” I’ve tried different ways to open the pics/videos, all without success. The file sizes indicate that the pics/videos are there. Any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. I can’t replace the photos and they mean a great deal to me. These were taken on a Samsung Galaxy J7 with an SD card, but no SIM card. (I wasn’t allowed to use my SLR camera).

Solution: If your .jpg files can be opened in your Galaxy J7, then they’re not corrupted. The problem must be computer specific. Try using another PC to open or save the said files. Or, you can troubleshoot your current computer to see what’s wrong why it can’t read your files.

Sometimes, moving a file to the computer drive first may eliminate bugs. Try transferring your .jpg files to your computer before attempting to open them.

We don’t support PC troubleshooting in this blog, so try finding troubleshooting guide for this issue from blogs that support them.


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