How to Fix a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Lines on its Display or a Black Screen

Hello Readers, we’ve been getting a lot of mails from you guys who are facing display issues with their Samsung Galaxy S3. The nature of these issues are different and some have an easy fix some may need a display replacement in order to get the device back in proper working condition. Below are some of the issues our readers have faced with their Samsung Galaxy S3 displays. You may go through the post to see if a troubleshooting solution helps your concern.

Samsung Galaxy S3

If you have a different issue with your Samsung Galaxy S3 or with any other Android device, please feel free to write to us using this form. We would love to get your device back to proper working condition. You can also go through the list of issues other readers have faced and go through our guides.

There may be multiple causes that can range from software issue to hardware failure. It is important to follow the steps in order to pinpoint the problem and find a fix. It is recommended to start troubleshooting by rebooting the device.

Another method would be to remove the battery from your Galaxy S3 and keep the phone aside for a few minutes. Insert the battery, power the device on and see if the issue you had has been resolved. If the problem hasn’t been resolved it’s time to move ahead with troubleshooting it further. We have a list of issues that our readers have faced and they have been neatly filed under our comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Problem : Line on the Screen

Green line down centre of screen,  if I screen shot it is not there.


This looks like a hardware problem to me, a row of pixels may have malfunctioned causing a green line to appear. Here are the steps to assess the problem. The first step would be to click a screenshot when the problem is visible. In this case capture a screenshot when a green line is visible on the display.To take a screenshot on the Galaxy S3 hold down the Home and the Power button at the same time. The whole screen will flash and it will be saved in the gallery automatically. Alternatively you can also use the inbuilt feature on the S3 for screenshots, simply swipe your hand across the screen and it will take a screenshot.

Go to the screenshot and check it for the green line. Zoom into the pic and move around, if green line also moves with it then it looks like a Software issue. But if the green line is still at the exact same spot even when you are moving the pic around, it definitely is a hardware issue.

Software issue

If it is a software issue then it is relatively easy to fix, you must follow the following steps. The phone will be wiped in the process and hence it is important that you take a backup of all the contents on your phone. Backup photos, contacts and media from the phone because after the rest it will be non recoverable.

  1. Preparing the phone for the reset. After the backup charge the phone such that it has over 50% of battery left to perform the reset successfully.
  2. Go to Settings > Under the Accounts Tab > Backup and Reset and click Factory Reset.
  3. The phone will now start the process and once complete should get rid of the issue.

Hardware Issue

If the initial diagnosis indicate that it is a hardware issue then the phone needs to a Samsung Service Center or a competent shop. Before changing the display we will advise you to look if the display connector is connected securely to the motherboard. A bad connector may also cause display issues and changing the entire display won’t be required.

In case a display replacement is required, ensure that an original replacement part is used for it.

Problem: Screen not responding

“The screen on my galaxy s3 won’t respond or turn on the phone turns on itself but the screen doesn’t respond it’s just black”


The problem can be a hardware related issue or a firmware issue, to rule out it being a firmware issue follow these steps.  Putting the phone into Safe Mode, this can be done but switching the phone on and pressing the menu button on the phone repeatedly. The phone boots into safe mode where only preinstalled apps are loaded. You can also try putting the phone into Recovery Mode with the following steps.

1) Turn off the device

2) Press the Power, Volume Up and the Home button simultaneously

3) The device will then boot into recovery mode.

If the display works in Safe Mode or Recovery mode it can be narrowed down to a firmware issue. You can perform a Factory reset in Recovery mode or a flash the appropriate firmware for your phone.

If the screen is still blank it is most likely a hardware issue. The display cable may have have come loose or the display may have stopped working. To fix this issue the phone will need to be inspected by a qualified technician. First the connectors and cables need to be checked to ensure that the connectors are firmly in place and the cables aren’t damaged. The connectors may require cleaning to ensure a proper connection.

If the display still doesn’t turn on after the previous process, the screen may have developed an issue and isn’t working as expected. In case the phone was dropped before the problem occurred there is a possibility that the display may have been damaged in the fall. A screen replacement would be required to get the phone to proper working condition.

We would recommend getting the screen replaced from a Samsung Authorized Service Center or a qualified technician. Also ensure that original parts are used for replacement.

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