How To Enable Portable Hotspot On Poco M3 Pro

Enable portable hotspot on Poco M3 Pro and be able to share your internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi or mobile tethering. You can use your phone as the internet source especially if you are in an area where wireless network connection isn’t available, or if you are travelling and you need internet access on your laptop, tablet, or other devices. The only downside of turning your phone into a mobile hotspot is that it may cause overheating and/or drains the battery fast. Data being consumed will also be counted against your Poco M3 Pro’s data plan. But nonetheless, it is a good option when there is no other internet source except your smartphone.

In this tutorial guide, we will teach you how to turn your Poco M3 Pro into a portable hotspot. If you know someone who needs the same information, feel free to share the good news. There are two different ways in activating the portable hotspot on your device. It can be done from the settings menu and from the notifications panel. 

The illustration below will show you how it is done from the phone’s notifications panel. Read further and be guided.

How To Enable Portable Hotspot On Poco M3 Pro

  1. Swipe your finger downward from the home screen to launch the notifications panel and tap the Hotspot option.
  1. Select Set up portable hotspot. This is where you can change your network name and create a hotspot password. It is also recommended to set the security to WPA2- personal to avoid unauthorized sharing of internet connection from your device.
  1. Tap the check icon to confirm. 
  1. Then go back to the Portable hotspot section and toggle the switch on to enable the feature.

Once the portable hotspot is activated, make sure that Wi-Fi is also enabled. This way, other devices will be able to connect to your Poco M3 Pro and be able to access the internet. Just like a standard modem or internet router, multiple devices can connect to your phone simultaneously. The speed of the internet connection will also vary depending on the signal strength you have on your device. Thus, stable connectivity is not guaranteed.

And that’s all about setting up and activating the portable hotspot on your Poco M3 Pro device. I hope that we are able to help you one way or another. Also read How To Enable Power Saving Mode In Poco M3 Pro by clicking the link. If you are looking for video tutorials and troubleshooting guides for smartphones, you can visit our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to hit the Like and Subscribe buttons. Thanks for reading!

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