How to Block A Number on Redmi Note 8

If you’ve been getting unwanted calls or texts from a specific contact or unknown numbers, all you need to do is to block these numbers. Typically, calls from a blocked number won’t go through and you won’t be able to receive their text messages. In this tutorial,  we will show you how to block a number on Redmi Note 8.

Block A Number on Redmi Note 8

  1. Tap the Phone icon from the Home screen.
  1. Tap the More settings icon located at the top right corner.
  1. Select Settings.
  1. Select Blocked Numbers. This is where you can find the numbers you blocked. 
  1. Then tap Add A Number.
  1. Enter the phone number and tap Block to confirm.

Once the phone number is added to your blacklist, he/she can no longer send you a text message or give you a call. He/she will hear nothing and the call will be disconnected. However, if you have set the call blocking setting to send incoming calls to voicemails, then the caller will be routed to your voicemail box and hear your voicemail greeting instead.

The good thing about blocking a number on your device is that the user of the blocked number will not be notified that he or she is being blocked. For some Android devices, blocking a number will only stop the blacklisted contact from calling you, but still able to send you text messages. But for Redmi Note 8, both calls and text messages will be blocked.

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And that’s how you block a number on your Redmi Note 8 device. In case you know someone who’s been bothered by getting unwanted calls or text, please share this guide and be of help. Feel free to visit our YouTube channel for more video tutorials and troubleshooting guides for smartphones. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe. Thanks for reading!

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