How to Enable Developer Options On Samsung Galaxy A20

Want to access extra settings on your Galaxy A20, but don’t know how to do it? Learn how you can enable developer options on Samsung Galaxy A20 by reading this whole article. 

Develop options provide additional settings that you can access on your device when activated. By default, the developer options are hidden, as they are only intended to be accessed by tech-savvy people or those who would want to experiment on their device. 

Some of the options that you might want to access are for gaming, GPU performance enhancements and graphics improvements. They are all accessible when the developer options are enabled on your Galaxy A20. 

Check out how you can enjoy the benefits of having extended options on your Galaxy A20. Enable developer options on Samsung Galaxy A20 by following the steps below. 


  1. Access Settings on your Galaxy A20. You may need to scroll up to display the apps and look for the Settings app. 
  1. Scroll to the bottom and select About Phone. 
  1. Tap on Software information. 
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  1. Look for Build Number. Tap on it for 7 times consecutively.
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  1. You should see a message confirming that developer options are activated. 
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  1. Go back to the main settings and you should see Developer options at the bottom part. Tapping on it will reveal several tools that you can explore. Make sure not to activate those options without knowing what they are used for. You also have the option to turn off developer options if you want to. 
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