How To Earn XP Fast In NBA 2K24 MyCareer Mode

Earning XP quickly is vital for progressing your MyPlayer in NBA 2K24. In this quick guide, we break down proven tactics from NBA 2K YouTuber Young Dirk on how to earn XP Fast in NBA 2K24 MyCareer Mode.

Why XP Matters in MyCareer Mode 

In MyCareer, you must level up your initially low-rated player by earning XP. More XP allows boosting attributes, badges, and overall rating.

Reaching high ratings like 90+ overall takes enormous XP. Most players need to earn more through normal games.

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The Grinding Struggle Without Efficient XP Methods

Getting XP the “legitimate” way means countless hours of grinding. A player on Reddit described their painful experience:

“I’m 20 games into MyCareer and my player is still just 70 overall. At this rate, it will take forever until I’m actually decent enough to compete online. I basically have no choice but to dump money on VC if I ever want to be 90+ overall. I wish there was a faster way to build your player that didn’t require spending extra or wasting 200 hours.”

This player’s story demonstrates the XP struggle. 2 K’s systems push you to buy VC upgrades rather than earn rewards organically. 

How to Earn XP Fast In NBA 2K24 MyCareer Mode (Credit: Young Dirk)

Popular NBA 2K YouTuber Young Dirk created a brilliant guide for earning massive XP quickly in NBA 2K24 MyCareer mode. To be clear, this guide provides general steps only and may not work right depending on your style of play and your player’s position in the game. 

This one works best with my PG and SG but you can make it work too in other roles. Also, keep in mind that you want to do these tips especially when playing your Key Games to get an extra 10% MyPoint bonus. 

Check out Young Dirk’s YouTube channel for a clearer demonstration.

Below are the guidelines to earn huge XP without spending VC:

Step 1: Adjust NBA 2K24 MyCareer Settings

Adjust NBA 2K24 MyCareer Settings
  • Set game difficulty to Hall of Fame  
  • Set quarters length to 12 minutes
  • Enable “Keep it Moving” and “Back to Basics” GOAT skills (not available on PC version at the time of this writing)

Step 2: Be mindful of the right Teammates

Target teammates with high Driving Dunk for alley-oops
  • Target teammates with high Driving Dunk for alley-oops
  • Ensure they have the Aerial Wizard badge equipped  
Ensure they have the Aerial Wizard badge equipped

Step 3: Acquire Stat Boosts 

Invest earned VC into Ball Handling and Playmaking skill boosts.

Invest earned VC into Ball Handling and Playmaking skill boosts.

Step 4: Use Quick Isolation Plays

Use Quick Isolation Plays
  • Call for screens until you draw a big man matchup
  • Call for an alley from your designated dunker 
  • If open, throw the alley for an easy bucket and major XP

Step 5: Play Entire Games

  • Always finish entire games for maximum XP payout
  • Stack high teammate grade and stats

Step 6: Repeat and Optimize 

  • Refine the playcalling, positioning, and timing for most success
  • Consider tuning sliders if struggling initially

When followed precisely, as shown in Young Dirk’s video, this approach allows rapidly maxing out your MyPlayer without tedious grinding or spending. In one day, you can transform from rookie to elite superstar.

How To Earn XP Fast In NBA 2K24 MyCareer Mode

Is This XP Strategy Considered Cheating?

Because this leverages legitimate gameplay tactics without external tools, most consider it fair game. It simply optimizes XP rewards the developers intentionally put in the game. 

Think of it as discovering the most efficient Meta rather than cheating or hacking. Dedicated players shouldn’t be punished for understanding systems intricately.

But ultimately, how you utilize these strategies is an individual choice. You must decide if it preserves the rewarding sense of progression you desire.

The grind to 99 overall has only gotten more brutal. But with the right knowledge, the path to basketball glory can be shorter and inexpensive than 2K intends. Take back control of your MyCareer journey.

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