How To Drop Items in Roblox

First time with Roblox game and don’t know how to drop items in Roblox? The help is here. Read this article and find out how you can do that task easily. 

Roblox is a fun game that allows players to buy, sell, and create virtual items. These items can be used to decorate a virtual character that can be used as an avatar in the game. Items are usually stored in the game’s inventory settings. 

Since items are stored and could get old, you will need to find a way to keep the inventory fresh and manageable. This is why you will need to drop items in Roblox. In that way, you can ditch some old items and get newer gears.

For starters or newbies, it may take some time to familiarize things such as dropping items in Roblox. Find out how you can easily drop items in Roblox by following the steps below. 

Steps to Drop Items in Roblox: 

  1. Open the Roblox game. 
  1. Join a game in Roblox. If it is your first time to join a game, select from the recommendations at the home page. 
  1. Equip an item. You can purchase an item in stores. 
  1. Open the chat option. Tap at the chat icon found at the upper-right of the screen. 
  1. Tap the back space (x icon) several times. You may need to tap it at least 7 consecutive times for the items to be dropped. Once it is dropped, somebody can pick it up. 

If you are using a PC/Laptop while playing the Roblox game, you can also use the left click on the mouse or del button multiple times to drop the items. 

If you are using an Xbox, you can drop items by clicking on the down arrow key located on the d-pad multiple times. You can do that after equipping an item as well. 

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