How To Delete Kik

If you took Kik for a trial run and don’t like how the Kik experience was or just found a better text messaging application, then you might want to delete the service. There are a couple of ways that you can delete it, obviously just deleting the app off of your smartphone, or you can temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account. Whatever your choice is, the process is fairly simple, but can be a little tedious. It might even be a little difficult to find the option to deactivate or delete an account.

So if you follow along below, we’ll show you how you can very easily delete or deactivate your Kik account. Here’s how:

Delete the app

If you don’t want to worry about deleting or deactivating your Kik account, you can simply delete the app off of your smartphone. If you’re on iOS, it’s really straightforward: hold down lightly on the app until all of the apps on your phone start shaking and X’s appear at the top of them. When the X appears above Kik, simply tap it and delete the app.

If you’re on Android, it’s a little more complicated. You can try the above method, but depending on what version of Android you’re on and what manufacturer your phone is from, you might have a few more steps to go through. If the above steps don’t work, open up Settings and head into the Apps category. Find the Application Manager. Here, look for the Kik app. You can use the search bar in the Application Manager to find it, too. Once you find it, select the Kik app from the list, and then in the following window click on Uninstall. Press OK to confirm your decision.

Deactivating Kik

Maybe you just want to deactivate Kik for a short while. You’re tired of getting so many messages, and you’re hoping your friends will get the picture by you deactivating your account. Unfortunately, you can’t deactivate your account directly from the app — you’ll have to go online and do it, but you can do so through your smartphone’s Internet Browser as well.

  1. First, navigate to the Kik Temporary Deactivation page.
  2. Next, you’ll need to enter your email address, and it has to be the one that you used to sign up with Kik for.
  3. Kik will send you an email to confirm your decision. Open your email account, and look for an email from Kik with the subject line of Deactivate Your Kik Account.
  4. Click on the button in the message that says Deactivate, and you’ll be redirected to the Kik website with a message that says your account has been temporarily deactivated.
  5. Congratulations, your account has been deactivated!

If you ever want to stop the temporary deactivation, it’s as simple as logging into the Kik app with your email address and password.

Deactivating Kik Forever

Instead of taking a break from Kik you might just want to get rid of your account once and for all. The process is a little different from temporarily deactivating your account and will require a few more details from you. Here’s how:

  1. Open your web browser of choice and navigate to Kik’s Delete Your Account deletion page.
  2. There’s quite a few details that you’ll need to fill out here. You’ll need your username, email, the reason why you’re leaving Kik, any additional info you’d like to share, and then you’ll need to check a box to confirm what you’re doing.
  3. Click or touch the big green Go! button, and Kik will send you an email with further details.
  4. Open your email account and look for an email from Kik with the subject of Still want to delete your Kik account?
  5. In the email, you’ll see a button at the very bottom that says Permanently Deactivate. Click it, and you’ll be navigated to a confirmation web page where Kill will confirm and tell you that you successfully deleted your account.
  6. Congratulations, your account is completely gone!

If you try to log into your Kik account again, you won’t be able to reactivate it. In fact, if you were logged into the app when you did this deletion process, you’ll notice that you were automatically logged out. There’s no getting your account back from here on out — if you want to return to Kik, you’ll have to make a new one.


As you can see, it’s really easy to deactivate or delete your account. It only takes a couple of steps if you have all of your information on hand!

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