How To Add Speed Limits to Google Maps App

People who travel a lot usually rely on the Google Maps app on their smartphone for directions. It provides useful information such as your location, the map of the surrounding area, and the time you are expected to arrive at your destination just to name a few. One feature that people are requesting is the speed limit information. This was initially available in two places only last year,San Francisco Bay Area in the US and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and until now it has not been rolled out to all users.

If you want to add the speed limits to Google Maps app you can do so right now by using a third party app which will display the information as an overlay over the Google Maps app. Unfortunately, this will only work on Android devices and not on iPhones.

Velociraptor (Free with in-app purchases)

  • This app is described as a floating speed limit monitor and speedometer which will work with any map application. It’s available for free at the Google Play Store with an in-app purchase option. It’s one of the most accurate speed limit apps available that you can use.

Ulysse Speedometer (Free, Pro)

  • If you want more features on a speedometer app then this is what you will want to get. Aside from displaying the speed limit it can record your journey, track your journey, can control your music player, and a whole lot more.

The apps listed above are the top choices if you are looking for a speed limit feature on your map application. You can check them out over at the Google Play Store.

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