How Long Do Steam Refunds Take?

Do you want to know how long do Steam refunds take? If you purchased a video game on the gaming platform Steam that you don’t like, you might be wondering how you can exchange it back for a refund. Before 2015, Steam refunds weren’t possible at all, but due to more consumer demand as well as gamers needing more protections, Steam started taking refunds for digital games.

Waiting for a Steam Refund? Find Out How Long it Takes Here

That said, you might be wondering how you can turn your digital game in for a refund on Steam, as well as what the requirements are. If you follow along below, we’ll show you all the details that you need to turn a game in for a refund for Steam. Here’s how.

What are the strict requirements?

Steam’s refund policy has been a godsend, and generally allows you to get a refund for anything you have had for less than two weeks and have played for under two hours. Those are the strict requirements, but even then, the process still has to be approved by Steam.

How do you get a refund?

How Long Do Steam Refunds Take

Like we already mentioned, you can usually get a refund for anything you’ve had for less than two weeks with under two hours of gameplay.

Step 1: Open Steam Support

Visit the Steam Support website ( and log in to your Steam account.

Step 2: Click on “A Purchase”

Locate the “A Purchase” option, then click on it.

Step 3: Select the Game or Product

Choose the game or product you want to refund from your purchase history.

Step 4: Choose “I’d like a refund”

Click on “I’d like a refund.”

Step 5: Specify the Reason

Provide a reason for your refund request. Steam offers a list of valid reasons, so select the one that best applies.

Step 6: Submit the Request

After specifying the reason, submit your refund request. Steam will review your request, and the processing time begins.

How long do Steam refunds take?

How long do Steam refunds take?

But how long does it take once your request is approved by Steam? Steam says that most purchased made in the United States will take up to seven business days. You’ll likely see it much quicker than that, but seven days is the number they’ve put on it. However, if it was an International purchase, it can take a little longer than that.

Factors Influencing Refund Processing Time

Several factors can influence how long it takes for Steam to process your refund:

  • Payment Method: Different payment methods have varying processing times. Credit card refunds, for example, might take longer than refunds to your Steam Wallet.
  • Busy Seasons and Promotions: During peak seasons or major sales events, like the Steam Summer Sale, processing times may be longer due to a high volume of refund requests.
  • Valve’s Response Time: The time it takes Valve to respond to your refund request also impacts the overall duration. A quicker response from Steam support can expedite the process.

Can you request refunds for games older than 14 days?

Valve says that you can even get refunds on games that are outside the 14-day window. They look over these requests manually, and are approved on a case by case basis. That said, if you have a game that is well outside of the 14-day window, your request for refund will not be approved.

Can you refund too many games?

The answer is yes! However, there aren’t any specific numbers available to let the community know how much is too much. If you put in too many requests for refund, Steam will let you know that you’ve put in quite a few requests as of late. They’ll also let you know how Steam Refunds aren’t to be used simply for demoing games, and that if they feel you’re abusing the system, they’ll freeze refunds for your account.

What about refused refunds?

Valve does have the right to refuse refunds. Naturally, customers might be pretty frustrated with that refusal, and that’s why Valve allows you to challenge the decision. You can request a refund again, and it’ll be reviewed manually by another Valve employee. However, there’s no guarantee that the refusal will be overturned even then.


As you can see, getting a Steam refund is generally a quick and easy process if you meet the refund window requirements. In just a few short seconds, you can start the refund process and (hopefully) have it automatically approved by Valve! Just keep in mind not to abuse the system, otherwise you might lose your refund privileges!

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