How To Uninstall Steam Games

After the spending holiday spree you have probably accumulated a new set of video games or electronic devices, in which case you have no doubt used Steam before.

Having installed plenty of these games, you are probably running low on storage space. So, you probably need to figure out how to remove some of them from your hard drive to make room for new ones. Here we will cover how to install, and uninstall your Steam video games. Let’s dive right in.

Uninstall a Steam game

To get started, you need to open up the Steam app on your computer. Next, you need to log in to your Steam account. Type in your username and password, and click ‘Log in’

Next, click on the Library button near the top left. Scroll down to your chosen video game, or just search the name of the video game in the search bar.

From here, it’s easy — just right click on the game, then click on ‘Uninstall’. Steam will take you through the process of uninstalling.

No need to worry about lost progress either; Steam uploads them to the Cloud, where as soon as you install the game again, you can just load a previous save and resume where you left off!

Installing a Steam game

What if you want to install one of those old games again? You can easily install it, all thanks to Steam.

Simply go to your library, look for the video game you have in mind, or you can go over to the search bar and type in its name.  Click on the video game title, then click on the blue install button.

Now the game is installing. If you need to pause it or restart the install, just click on ‘Games” next to the search bar. A drop down should appear. Click on ‘Downloads’, and then here you can see the various games you have installing or the ones that need to be updated. Simply click  the arrow next to the download to start it, or click X to remove it.

If you want to alter the bandwidth or speed of your download, you will need to click on the top left corner menu item, ‘Steam’. In the dropdown, click on ‘Settings’. A menu will appear, then click on Downloads. You will see multiple options, but to alter the bandwidth you will see that option at the center right. Adjust it to what you feel is necessary for your connection.


As you can see, it’s very easy and simple to install and uninstall your video games through Steam. Steam is a hard one to not recommend, as it makes it easy to manage your massive library of games, especially with having all of your save data remain in the Cloud.

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