How To Fix GoPro 11 That Won’t Connect to WiFi

The GoPro 11, also known as Hero 11, is GoPro’s latest lineup that offers 5.3K video recording at up to 60 frames per second, 4K at up to 120 fps, and 2.7K at up to 240 fps if you want to shoot high-res slow-motion clips. The main upgrade from its younger siblings is the GoPro’s longer-lasting Enduro battery, which was sold separately, is now standard in the Hero 11. 

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Though it has just been released last September of 2022, GoPro 11 seems to experience some problems and one of the notable ones is when GoPro 11 won’t connect to WiFi. If you are experiencing the same problem, then let us check on how you can possibly rectify the issue. 

Fixing GoPro 11 That Won’t Connect To WiFi

The first thing to do when using a GoPro is to connect it to the GoPro Quik app and pair the camera. If you have done that, you can follow some on-screen instructions to complete the configuration. 

However, if you cannot connect to the camera WiFi, which means no preview and no possibility to update the firmware for the GoPro camera, then follow these steps to fix it: 

  1. Toggle Wi-Fi OFF then back ON on the GoPro 11.

    To do that, swipe down on your camera's screen. Swipe right and tap Preferences > Wireless Connections. Change On to Off by tapping Off and Enable Wi-Fi again by tapping On.

  2. Make sure you are connected to the camera's Wi-Fi network.

    Confirm that you join network under the same WiFi connection that  you are using

  3. Relaunch the GoPro App.

    Once you have closed and re-opened the app, toggle Airplane mode ON, wait for about 10 seconds then turn airplane mode OFF. 

  4. Turn Off your VPN.

    If you are using any VPNs on your phone where the GoPro app is installed, try disabling it and see if it fixes the issue. The process may differ on Android or iOS device.


  1. What Other Things To Do If GoPro WiFi Won’t Connect?

    Before you start pairing the camera, make sure to update the camera’s software first. Also, the app’s firmware should be up to date, WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled on your smartphone. Also make sure that your camera is powered on with at least 20% battery.

    If you are still having trouble connecting your GoPro to the WiFi connections, try to connect the camera as a new device and see if it works fine.

  2. How To Pair GoPro To An Internet Connection?

    1. Unpair the GoPro Quik app on your phone. Just delete the GoPro camera under the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi entries in your mobile device's settings. Then remove your camera entry from the GoPro Quik's history.

    2. Once it has been unpaired, let’s enter the pairing mode again. Power on your camera with the Mode button. On your camera display, swipe down > swipe left > tap Preferences. Tap on Wireless Connections > Connect Device. Select GoPro Quik App to put your camera in pairing mode, and tap Continue

    3. On your App, select the GoPro in the top left corner and tap Connect a GoPro. A prompt will appear for you to “Turn Your Camera On”. If it is already on, tap My Camera is On which is highlighted in black. Then, tap on Pair Camera.

    4. “Add a Camera” will display steps to pair. Choose Continue in black. The next screen will show “We found your GoPro”. Tap Connect Camera (might show a camera icon). Pairing may take a moment on your mobile device. Once paired, the “Name Your GoPro” screen will appear. You can either Save Name or Leave as (your current camera name)

    5. Tap on Let's Go. You'll see the GoPro Quik home screen when the app is connected. From there, you can Auto Upload, View Media, change settings and more. 

    To confirm that your GoPro Hero 11 is connected, tap on Enable Preview. A prompt will ask to join your GoPro's WiFi Network, tap on Join. It will take a moment to start your preview, but once you see your live feed, that means the pairing process is successful and you are in. 

  3. Can a GoPro Be Paired to Multiple Devices?

    Just like other devices that rely on apps for their functionality, there should be no issue if you want to connect your camera to multiple devices if you wish. However, we have to remember that  you can only connect the camera to 1 device at a time and if you open the GoPro on another phone or devices, it may not work or the other one might get disconnected. 

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* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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