Google’s Trips’ app is headed to the Google Graveyard

It seems like Google is sending apps to the “Google Graveyard” left and right these days. The next app on the search giant’s chopping block is its own Google Trips.

Google Trips is supposed to be a one-stop shop where users can plan their vacations, giving users tools for scheduling flights, booking hotels, and even discovering things to do at your destination. It even provides you with weather reports, reviews, and food recommendations!

However, Google Trips has hardly been a success. Despite well over five million downloads, the app is virtually unheard of. Now, Google is shutting it down, largely in an effort to unify its brand and message.

XDA Developers first spotted this, noting that there was code added to the app in its latest update, hinting that it would be soon shutting down. Later, Google confirmed that it was on the chopping block, updating the support page to say that support for Google Trips ends on August 5, 2019.

So if you’re planning a trip with Google in the next couple of months, you may want to check out another trip planner.

source: Google
via: XDA Developers

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