Spotify takes on Pandora with new Stations app

Spotify today introduced its new Stations app, new software aimed in Pandora’s direction. Just like Pandora, when you open Stations, music immediately begins playing, similar to, say, a radio station.

Stations actually has a lot of cool customization that you can make with it. Each station has a single, randomly generated color, which helps your stations stand out from each other. Station names are actually shown in big and bold letters.

There are two key advantages to Spotify Stations over Pandora, and the first is that it’s very fast. Stations also connects up directly with Spotify. In Spotify, you can actually create Stations based off of popular artists or playlists.

Of course, keep in mind that Spotify Stations is still in its infancy, and as such, it can be pretty basic. Pandora has had years of development to acquire the features it has, whereas Stations has just launched.

Spotify explicitly notes that this is an experiment, and they’re still looking for ways to make Stations better. For now though, Stations is pretty good, but it does have a long road ahead of it.

source: Google Play

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