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5 Best QR Code Scanner App For Pixel 3a

QR codes may not be super popular today, but many small and local businesses are still using them to offer their customers exclusive discounts and benefits. However, most phones today, by default, don’t have a way to scan those QR codes. Some manufacturers do include a scanner right in the camera, but the Google Pixel 3a is not one of those.

That said, if you want to scan a QR code with your Pixel 3a, you’ll need a third-party app to do that. However, you don’t want just any QR code scanner out there. That’s why we’re showing you five of our favorites below. Let’s get started, shall we?

Lightning QR Code

Lightning QR Code comes up first on our countdown. This options tarted out as a barcode app exclusively, but over time also added QR code functionality. That said, it has no problem scanning QR codes and barcodes alike. It can actually scan whatever barcode you’d like — even the one on the back of a cereal box or cookie package. This one comes equipped with a unique Zoom feature, which makes it easy to decode smaller QR codes that might be hard for the viewfinder to pick up.

One of the problems with apps like these is usually the unnecessary permissions they request. Not here. The only permission Lightning QR Code scanner uses is the Camera app.

Download it now: Google Play

Free QR Scanner

Next up, we’re looking at the Free Qr Scanner. Strange name, sure; however, this allows you to easily scan barcodes and QR codes alike. Free QR Scanner supports 1D and 2D types, essentially allowing you to scan all QR codes and barcodes that are out there. Suffice to say, this one is a really versatile choice.

One of the neat things about this choice is that the Free QR Scanner doesn’t require an Internet connection, whereas many of the others out there do. You scan scan a barcode whether you have a data connection or not. However, if the QR code opens a URL, you’re obviously not going to be able to open it without an Internet connection. With scan history support, you can always go back and see what you scanned previously.

Download it now: Google Play

QR Code Reader

Next, we’re looking at QR Code Reader. If you’re tired of slow QR code scanners, this one will be right up your alley. That said, this one is aimed at being one of the fastest QR code scanners on Android. There’s automatic QR code recognition here, which instantly recognizes and scans a QR code when lined up in the viewfinder. You don’t have to press a button to initiate the scan, where some QR code scanners require that. It’s worth mentioning that if the code contains a URL, you can open up your browser to the site by pressing browser button inside the scanner.  There’s no built-in browser, unfortunately.

Download it now: Google Play

QR & Barcode Scanner

Next, we have the QR & Barcode Scanner app. This one is going to accomplish pretty much the same means as the others on our list, allowing you to scan a variety of QR codes. To offer some features that are at least unique to this canner, this app does actually has support for book ISBNs as well. This scanner is pretty easy to use, with it being as simple as lining up the viewfinder with the QR code.

It can read all QR / barcode types, including text, URL, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats.

Download it now: Google Play

QR Scanner

And finally, but certainly not least on our countdown, we have “QR Scanner.” This one is going to much of the same that we’ve already covered; however, there are a couple of unique aspects, such as the ‘instant scanning’ feature — scan a QR code, and codes appear instantly, with very little buffering or loading in-between.

QR Scanner is also a big support of privacy. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary permissions here — once you first open the app, the only permission that you’ll need to allow is the Camera permission. It won’t ask for others.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent QR codes available for the Google Pixel 3a. You can download any one of these and trust that you’re not only getting something that works really well, but respects privacy and works quickly.

Do you have a favorite QR code scanner for the Pixel 3a? Let us know in the comments section below.

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