Samsung remains king in the display market

Samsung has its hands in many different electronic industries, but one industry that’s doing particularly well is their display — the Korean tech giant actually accounted for 40.2% of all display sales in Q1 2019.

The report says that Samsung shipped $3.4 billion worth of displays. While that accounts for 40.2% of the total market, that’s actually a 6.6 percent decline year-on-year.

Samsung’s position still remains strong, with JDI coming right behind them at 12.3% of the market.

What’s amazing is the type of panels that Samsung is shopping out. Take LCD panels out of the statistics, and Samsung is responsible for over 80% of market share when it comes to OLED panels.

They are obviously in a pretty good position, and will likely see that continued success throughout the rest of the year.

source: IHS Markit

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