T-Mobile and Sprint Customers Can Now Get Their Incoming Calls Verified

T-Mobile and Sprint are almost close to a merger, which is evident from the fact that Sprint recently skipped the auction of 5G airwaves in anticipation of the said merger. Today, both carriers announced that they will be able to verify calls made between each other’s networks. This will be done using the popular STIR/SHAKEN technology which automatically identifies the authenticity of the caller, helping greatly to reduce the number of spam calls on your personal phone. This tech is also recommended by the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC.

In a press release, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said – “We’re in an arms race with these scammers, and we’ve got to join forces as an industry to keep all wireless customers protected.”

T-Mobile also added the Caller Verified feature to 23 smartphones. This feature basically displays a Caller Verified badge when you receive a standard and non-spam call over Sprint or T-Mobile’s networks.

It’s worth noting that the caller verification feature also exists between AT&T and Comcast, while Verizon has its own setup in place to reduce robocalls and spammers.

“While all carriers compete fiercely in the marketplace, we all agree that the industry-wide plague of robocalls and scammers must be tackled arm-in-arm with other carriers as we put the latest technology to work to help protect our customers,” said Sprint CEO Michel Combes.

“STIR/SHAKEN is one tool among many that Sprint is utilizing in a multi-year anti-robocalling development program to improve our customers’ experience,” he added.

If you’re a T-Mobile or Sprint customer, you should be seeing the aforementioned changes each time you receive a call from a T-Mobile or Sprint number. Be sure to let us know if you’re seeing the feature already between the carriers.

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Engadget

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