Galaxy S22 Battery Drains Too Fast With Wi-Fi On

galaxy s22 battery draining quickly

When it comes to battery efficiency, Wi-Fi is better than mobile data. Not to mention that it’s a lot faster and more stable. However, there seems to be some owners of the Galaxy S22 that’s experiencing quick battery drain when the Wi-Fi service is turned on. 

In this article, we will look into such an issue for us to be able to understand why it occurs. The first section of this post will list down the possible causes of the problem and the second section will be the troubleshooting procedures you have to do to fix the problem. So continue reading as you might be able to fix this problem by yourself easily. 

Possible Causes

The best way to understand what this problem is all about is to look into all the common causes why the battery of your phone drains so fast when the Wi-Fi service is enabled. 

  • Background app updates and usage – there are some apps in your phone continues to run and download updates from their servers in the background. In most cases, they use Wi-Fi as well and that’s one of the reasons why you’re still getting some notifications every now and then. 
  • Brightness and screen timeout settings – perhaps your phone is set not to automatically turn off its screen after a few seconds and what makes it worse is when the brightness is set to a higher level. 
  • Location services – there are services that actually drain your phone’s battery faster and they include GPS and location services. You might need to turn some off when not in use. 
  • Multiple apps are running at the same time – switching between apps doesn’t close the one you switched from. Instead, they continue to run in the background and the more apps left doing that, the quicker the battery will drain. 
  • Third-party apps with high battery usage – some apps consume battery higher than other apps, especially the ones that use the location services and sensors of your phone. It’s important that you monitor the battery usage of the apps you frequently use. 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues – if your phone continuously disconnects and reconnects to the network, or switches between mobile data and Wi-Fi networks due to poor signal, then that will also be one of the factors why the battery drains quickly. 
  • Battery optimization features not configured properly – the Galaxy S22 comes packed with battery optimization and battery saving features that can significantly help in conserving energy. You might need to look into them to see if they’re configured properly. 

Troubleshooting Procedures

Now that we know the most common causes of this problem, it’s time to troubleshoot the phone and fix the problem. Here are the things you should do: 

Fix #1. Adjust your screen brightness and timeout settings

Making sure that the screen brightness and timeout settings of your phone are set properly will help fix the draining battery issue. Unless you’re in a well-light environment, we suggest you set the brightness to 50%. 

Aside from that, enable the Dark mode feature of your phone as that can also greatly help in conserving the battery, especially in devices that use the AMOLED technology for their screens like the Galaxy S22. 

Moreover, setting the phone to turn off the screen after a few seconds of being idle can also help in fixing this problem. As we all know, the display is one of the services and components that use more battery and setting a shorter timeout will reduce the amount of power consumed. 

To adjust the screen brightness and timeout, go to Settings > Display and then drag the Brightness slider to the appropriate level. 

Scroll down a bit and you should see Screen timeout. Tap on it, and then select a value between 15 seconds to a minute. 

Fix #2. Turn off GPS and location services when not in use

The GPS and Location services are among the things you barely use, especially when you’re at rest or stuck at home. You should disable these services when you’re not using them and you’ll notice that there’s an improvement to the power consumption of your phone. 

These services require a significant amount of battery to operate, not to mention that they also employ the services of some apps to work properly. You may also consider using these apps and services when necessary and just turn the location services off when not in use. 

To turn off the location services on your Galaxy S22, go to Settings > Location and then tap the switch to turn it off. 

Fix #3. Turn off unused apps and restrict background data usage

Having a lot of apps running in the background can also have a significant effect on your phone’s battery performance. That is why it’s important to force stop the apps you’ve finished using and leave the only ones you’re still working on. 

While there are apps that should be left running, if they have options to restrict background data usage, then take a little time disabling their background data usage features. 

To check for the battery usage of the apps on your phone, go to Settings > Battery and device care. Tap Battery and there should be a list of apps at the bottom showing you how much battery each of them has used. 

You should base your decision to force stop apps or restrict their background data usage based on the list. 

Fix #4: Uninstall or disable battery-hungry apps

Uninstalling or disabling battery-intensive apps can also help conserve battery life on the Galaxy S22. Some apps can consume a significant amount of battery power, especially if they are running in the background, performing frequent updates, or using GPS and location services.

You can uninstall any app by holding on its icon and tapping on the Uninstall option, then tap OK to confirm. Do the same process to uninstall other apps that you think are responsible for the quick battery drain on your Galaxy S22. 

Fix #5: Connect to a strong Wi-Fi signal

This can be out of your control if you’re just using public Wi-Fi. However, if you’re connected to your home network and you notice that the signal isn’t as strong as before and that your phone drains the battery quicker, then it’s probably because the device scans and reconnects to the network more often. In the cases where mobile data is enabled, there is a possibility that it switches between networks as well. 

One way to fix such an issue is to reboot your modem or router to refresh the network. You can also forget the current network your phone is connected with and then reconnect to it. 

In the case where you can’t help but connect to a Wi-Fi network with weak signal, you better disable mobile data so that your phone won’t switch between networks once the signal drops. 

Fix #6: Use battery optimization and power saving features

The Galaxy S22 comes with its own battery optimization features together with battery saving modes. You might not need to enable the power saving feature all the time but when you really need to conserve battery and you’ve already done the previous procedures to no avail, then that’s what you have to look for. 

Aside from that, you can run the battery optimization of your phone as it’s designed to reduce the amount of battery power that is consumed by your device by adjusting settings such as screen brightness, timeout, background app usage, and data usage.

So basically, you can leave these things for the software to do but we all know that it can just do so much to make things work for you. 

These features can be found in Settings > Battery and device care > Battery. 

And that’s it! We hope that the procedures we presented in this post can help you fix your Galaxy S22 that quickly drains its battery when the Wi-Fi service is on. 

Have a great day!

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