How To Use Galaxy S20 Text Editing Keyboard Feature

Did you know that your Galaxy S20 has a text editing keyboard feature you can use so you can accurately select texts you can cut or copy?

We all know how difficult it is to edit texts on a smartphone even if the device has a big display like the S20. You can’t just move the cursor accurately to select the texts you want copied or moved. 

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You can still continue using the usual method as Samsung did not take that away, and it’s a good thing there’s a new method that will make your job a little bit easier.

Using Galaxy S20 Text Editing Keyboard Feature

Time Needed : 3 minutes

This feature can be used for text processing work either for text messaging or when you’re taking down notes. Here’s how it’s done on your Galaxy S20:

  1. Launch the app. 

    For you to be able to access your keyboard, you must open the app you use for text processing. In this tutorial, we will be using Samsung Notes.galaxy s20 text editing

  2. Open your document. 

    Once the app is launched, look for the document you want edited, or start typing the text.galaxy s20 text editing

  3. Edit the text. 

    Should you need to copy or move a certain phrase or paragraph, you can use the usual method by tapping and holding a word until the markers show. You can then drag each marker to the beginning and end of the phrase. Or, you can use the new text editing feature of your phone by tapping the menu icon on the upper-right part of the keyboard, and tap Text editing. Position the cursor to the beginning of the phrase or sentence you want to copy or move, tap select and tap on the arrow to accurately and conveniently select the text. When the text is selected, tap Cut or Copy. Then place the cursor to the area where you want to paste the selected text and tap Paste.galaxy s20 text editing

  • Android 10, One UI 2
  • Galaxy S20

I’m pretty sure that you may not be able to feel the importance of this feature, especially if you’re not using your smartphone to take down notes or write contents on the fly. But if you’re a writer or use instant messaging for often than any other applications, you should feel that text editing seems a little bit easier. 

But I hope that this simple tutorial has been able to help you one way or the other. If ever you have some questions or problems with your phone, you can always contact us or ask some questions.

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