Galaxy Note 9 Users Complain of Non-Functional Display After March Security Update

  • Some users of the Galaxy Note 9 have complained that the March security update has bricked the display on their phones.
  • While the issue apparently gets fixed with a reboot or factory reset, it doesn’t go away completely, the users say.
  • Samsung has so far directed customers to go to their nearest Samsung outlet to get this fixed.
  • However, this may not be possible given that most shops are currently shut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 started getting the March security update not too long ago. Some users are now claiming that the update has pretty much broken the display functionality on their devices. It was previously said that a few Pixel device owners also faced similar trouble with the March security update.

Customers of the Galaxy Note 9 have voiced their concerns on the Samsung Community Forums, with issues ranging from overheating, decreased display resolution, as well as screen discoloration. What’s even worse is that rebooting or performing a factory reset of the phone doesn’t seem to be helping either. While this apparently works for a brief period, the issues apparently surface again.

So what is Samsung doing about this? Not much, to be honest. It is said that the manufacturer is directing affected customers to their nearest Samsung service locations to find a potential fix there. It’s worth mentioning that most Galaxy Note 9 units are currently not under warranty as it was launched in 2018. This means that some users may have to bear the expenses of the repair, even if the phone is non-functional because of an update that Samsung sent.

Secondly, given that businesses across the world have come to a halt, most Samsung shops are expected to be closed, making matters even worse for the customers. Samsung doesn’t appear to have any other solutions to this right now, although one hopes that the company will resend a bug fixing update soon.

Source: Samsung Community Forum

Via: Android Authority

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