Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV Best Live Streaming Service in 2024

If you’re trying to cut the cable bill and replace it with something a whole lot more affordable, then you might want to look into using a TV streaming service. TV streaming services have really only become popular in recent years, with most people looking for more affordable options to the standard cable bill. Cable bills have gotten outrageously expensive — you’re paying almost a hundred bucks a month or more on hundreds of channels that you don’t even watch.

That’s where the interest in cord-cutting has come from — people only wanting to pay for channels that they use. So if you’re one of those people, wondering whether or not cord-cutting is possible for you, be sure to follow along with us below. We’re pitting two popular services against each other — Fubo TV and YouTube TV — to see which one is the best for cord-cutters.

Fubo TV

TV streaming services have tons of channels in their arsenals — different tiers and packages give you access to basic amounts of channels, a mid-range amount, or all of them. Some services even allow you to pick and choose what channels you pay for and use. Unfortunately, many live streaming services are absolutely awful at providing live sports entertainment — you might find ESPN, but that’s about it.

This is where Fubo TV comes in, aiming to almost exclusively provide consumers with easy access to live sports. A subscription to FuboTV will allow you to stay on top of all of your favorite types of sports, whether that’s baseball, football, soccer, basketball, international soccer, and more. You get access to a lot of different channels, though it will depend on the package that you sign up for.

Fubo offers two primary channel packages: fubo and fubo Extra. The first is $45 and the latter is $50 — each of these offer you a considerable amount of channels. In the basic package, you’ll get access to thinks like Fox Sports, CBS, NFL Network, MLB TV, NBC Golf, BTN, and so much more.

Fubo TV takes on a sports-first business model, so if you’re disappointed in the other live streaming options out there, chances are, Fubo TV has the sports channels you’re looking for. You can literally watch almost any type of game on Fubo — they’re even able to air the Super Bowl. The best part? It costs a whole lot less than a regular cable subscription, and you can shut off the subscription at any time.

If you weren’t sold on Fubo TV yet, they do try to make the deal a little bit more attractive. First, Fubo will give you a seven-day trial where you can watch over 85 channels free of charge. Afterwards, you can join in on the promotional rate for the first month of $40. And keep in mind that Fubo TV isn’t all sports — yes, they take a sports first approach, but you can stream regular TV content as well.

The neat thing about Fubo TV is that watching content is extremely versatile — you can watch it at home on your Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku, and so on. But, if you’re on the go, download the app on your mobile device and watch from wherever! Get started now at the link below.

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YouTube TV

Your other option is Google’s own YouTube TV. Google jumped on the TV streaming bandwagon to try and capture some of the market share, but unfortunately, they don’t offer a very valuable streaming package. A subscription will set you back $40 per month, which gives you access to 60+ TV channels, all depending on what market you live in. Unfortunately, many of those channels aren’t sports-related at all — you’ll get access to things like ESPN, MLB TV, BTN, and the CBS Sports Network, but that’s about it as far as sports go.

YouTube TV also has an extremely poor infrastructure — subscribers quite often complain that blackouts are frequent on YouTube TV, and often games or shows are interrupted due to these infrastructure problems. You can try YouTube TV free of charge with a trial before you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

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If you’re looking to replace your sports addiction that your cable subscription provided you with, you can see that Fubo TV is probably the best option for you. The provide you with the most sports channels and have a wide variety of different types of games you can watch — even international soccer! YouTube TV just can’t compete well with the amount of content that they have.

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