How to fix Samsung Galaxy J7 black screen of death issue [Troubleshooting Guide]

The black screen of death (#BSoD) is among the most dreaded issues with smartphones across all platforms and it seems like we’re starting to receive complaints from our readers who own the new Samsung Galaxy J7 (#GalaxyJ7).


This problem is characterized by a blank screen that is often unresponsive in a sense that the phone won’t respond when you touch it. There are cases wherein the device is powered on even if the screen is dead that’s why some owners reported they continue to receive text messages and emails or even phone calls even if the screen is all black.

There are several possibilities that we have to consider when troubleshooting an issue like this. Of course, there’s the possibility of a minor app or firmware issue and there is another possibility that the problem is due to water or physical damage. So, we really need to troubleshoot the device thoroughly to determine the cause and what needs to be done to fix it. That’s what we’re going to do in this post.

But before we go any further, if you have other issues with your device, make sure you visit our J7 troubleshooting page for we have already addressed some of the most common issues reported by our readers. Just try to find issues that are similar with yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work and if you need further assistance, then feel free to contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire.

Troubleshooting Black Screen of Death on Galaxy J7

We understand you are looking for a solution to your problem with your phone and while we offer safe procedures, things may happen during the process. So, proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: Do the battery pull procedure

The Galaxy J7 has a removable battery and it’s easier to troubleshoot it. The first thing you need to do is one of the most basic of all troubleshooting procedures–battery pull. Just remove the back cover and pull the battery out. Leave the device without its battery for a minute and at the same time press and hold the power key. This will drain the battery stored in the components and may fix the problem if it’s just a simple one.

After that, place the battery back in and secure it with the back cover and then attempt to turn it on. If the screen remains black, then try the next step.

Step 2: Charge the phone

You’re doing this not because the phone already has a low battery but you’re doing this to know if it’s still capable of displaying the usual charging icon and other charging signs. Plug in the charger and then connect your phone. Leave it plugged in for 10 minutes before attempting to turn it on. If the device remains unresponsive or the screen stays blank, then try the next step.

Step 3: Attempt to boot the device in recovery mode

We are simply trying to see if the phone is still capable of booting up even in other modes because if so, then the display has no issues whatsoever. So try to boot up your device in recovery mode just to see if the screen powers up.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key.
  2. When the device logo screen displays, release only the Power key
  3. When the Android logo displays, release all keys (‘Installing system update’ will show for about 30 – 60 seconds before showing the Android system recovery menu options).

Step 4: Bring it back to the store and have it checked

After doing the steps above and the problem remained, then you can’t do anything about the problem anymore. It is possible that the phone suffered liquid and/or physical damage or any other cause. So, at this point, let the technician handle the issue for you.

Before we end this post, I would just like to share with you one of the complaints we received from our readers:


I have a Samsung J7 and it has stopped working. At the time, I was using the uber app to order a ride and the screen suddenly went white, showing my home screen with the app icons very faded in the background. The screen then went black but vibrated when I got the call from the uber.

What is not working:


  • I cannot see the screen – it is completely black
  • The buttons at the bottom of the phone do not light up.


What is working:


  • The phone still vibrates when I get messages/calls
  • Shortcut to the camera (double click home button) and taking photos with flash
  • Charging the battery
  • Controlling the volume keys.


What I have tried:


  • I tried a soft reset about 6 times but does not make a difference.
  • I tried to clear the cache (power + up volume + home keys) but phone does not vibrate when I do this, so does not seem to be working. I tried this about 10 times.
  • As it was raining when the app initially stopped working, I thought perhaps a drop of water got inside the narrow speaker at the top of the phone. I therefore left my phone in an airtight container of rice for several days. This had no effect.


Samsung UK have told me that they cannot help as I bought the J7 while on holiday (despite buying it from a Samsung store who assured me if I had problems, I could get this fixed at home in the UK). Can you offer any advice please? Thank you in advance!

I understand that many owners wanted to try troubleshooting their device before going to the tech but in this case, the user already ran out of options. Therefore, the next thing to do is seek help from a technician.


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  1. thank you very much. i faced this issue of BSoD and luckily i found the solution from u in the very first attempt. i still have a question that “how do we prevent this black screen of death from occuring again ?”

  2. I dropped my vape on my screen lightly and it littlerly tapped it very lightly then my screen started wigging out what do i do? i still recieve text messages but its pitch black dark.

  3. i was putting twrp to root my sm-j700h with odin but when it was showing cache i mistakely removed my file after that when i open my phone it shows:
    First:it shows samsung logo.
    seccond: appear black screen until i remove my battery and put it back.

    i think my phones flash file is deleted please help me to repair my phone.

  4. I have updated my phone (SM-J710GN) from Marshmallow to Nougat using normal system update and after the download, phone rebooted and then touch screen no longer responds. (works without problem when phone is still running Marshmallow)

    Have tried the following:
    – Soft reset; hard reset; cleared cache
    – tried flashing latest 7.0 firmware from Sammobile but problem still persists
    – tried emergency recovery through Smart Switch but getting error : please check model name and S/N and enter it again
    – unable to flash previous 6.0.1 firmware through odin; getting error – Check Fail Device 4; Binary 3

    Don’t wish to pay for LCD replacement if there’s an alternative solution that I can try. Can anyone help me with this please?

  5. I have Samsung j 7(2016) and it show black screen after on the set it doesn’t have any physical damage or liquid anything it vibrate it produces sound calls and sms received but it show black display plz help if u have solutions

  6. i was told that any screen cannot work with my phone that it is an american made samsung j700 and not Korea that if i should use any screen with it that it will spoil after one week so i was thinkng how is that possible i thiought any screen should be able to work with it so what i want to know now is that are there types of j7 brand i mean from different countries

  7. I have Samsung j 7(2016) and it show black screen after on the set it doesn’t have any physical damage or liquid anything it vibrate it produces sound but it show black display plz help if u have solutions

  8. Same as mine, i bought Samsung J7 Prime 4 days ago, now its dead, vibrate or any, even i plug it in no response at all. what should I do??

  9. I came to this page for answer to the same issue occurred to my phone Samsung J7-2016 which I purchased through Samsung’s authorized online sale partner Flipkart on Aug’2016.
    In July’2017, all of a sudden screen went black while running a video.
    I went to Samsung Authorized Service Center as it is still on warranty period.
    They made a job sheet with a tick mark to “Not under warranty condition”, I objected this condition stating that there is no physical damage to the phone not a single scratch on screen of the phone.
    They refused to take the phone under warranty. I am still raising issue with higher authority but they have the same tone.
    After reading all the contents by the other user of Samsung, I realize that Now Samsung started using low quality spares/screens whatsoever therefore there is volume of problems of same nature arising to the customers.
    I have no other option than to go for consumer forum to raise this issue. Please suggest.

  10. My husband’s phone had the black screen on his Samsung j7 prime. As I was trying to take the battery out, I accidentally pressed the pin on the slot containing the sim card! I immediately slipped the slot back in and the phone vibrated… Then came back to life! Prior to that I tried calling his number, i heard his phone ring from my end but his actual phone didn’t register anything. Hope removing the sim then returning it again works with your phones as well.

  11. On my old samsung gallaxy j3 my screen went black…i bought a new phone,,but still cant retrieve my contact list…what can i do without costing me lots of money to get it done..

  12. hi my phone is sunddenly dead my frnd hit my phone by backward side and it happened. i tired it may time to on it even i recovery mode too but no merits .

  13. my j7 2016 phone showing black on screen when I turn on I hear a sound on the speaker like zzzzzt want can I do to fix it help me please

  14. My j7 uses only 2. Months and showing green coloured in secrren in two days screen full black no showing any display and idea whtts problem I am sell my phone in sahudi Arabia but now I am in Pakistan and my warety in 2 years
    Contact numb:03155147886

  15. I too came across the same issue. Actually I guess it was due to the fact that I used the cell phone for torch light when it was raining. The next day, it went completely black. When I reported the issue to one of the technical personnel, he said that LCD ain’t working anymore and I gotta replace it. However, I kept the cell phone that way for almost a week. Surprisingly, believe it or not! It repaired itself. I’m using the same cell phone now. At the tome, I was actually trying to charge it and I could see it flickering towards the evening. I let it go the way it liked. The next morning, it started working! For a week, it was completely black. All the apps were working though!

  16. I have Samsung j 7(2016) and it show black screen after on the set it doesn’t have any physical damage or liquid anything it vibrate it produces sound but it show black display plz help if u have solutions

  17. I have Samsung j7 2016 dead no vibrate ot response at all what should I do there have anything simple process?

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