Fix Bose Smart Speaker Bluetooth Disconnects From Paired Device

Bluetooth uses radio frequency to share and connect with another Bluetooth enabled device for a specific distance or range, completely removing the need for cables or wires. The portable smart speaker is another portable Bluetooth speaker from Bose that does not only allow you to stream and listen to your favorite music while it is connected to a Bluetooth device, you can also control it as it has a voice controlled speaker as well. For wireless connection to work and function, you need to pair and connect the speaker and Bluetooth device. However, there have been reports from users that the Bluetooth speaker suddenly disconnected from paired Bluetooth devices. Today, we will talk about the Bluetooth speaker and the recommended troubleshooting steps that can do to fix Bose Portable Smart Speaker Bluetooth that disconnects from paired device.

Fix Portable Smart Speaker Bluetooth Disconnects From Paired Device

One of the common causes for this particular issue to occur is the distance of the speaker and the device. Another important thing to remember is that a bug in the software can cause connection issues with Bluetooth connection. Other than that, if the memory of the previously paired devices is full it can also be the cause why this problem occurs.

Before we proceed with the recommended troubleshooting methods for this particular problem, below are a few highlights Smart speaker Bluetooth specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7.54″ H x 4.69″ W x 4.09″ D
  • Weight: 2.34 lbs
  • Input: USB-C port, Charging cradle
  • Wireless range: 30 feet or 9 meters (Bluetooth versions: 4.2)
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life: 12 hours playback time; 24 hours standby time
  • Colors available: Triple Black and Luxe silver

Below is the list of the troubleshooting methods that you can try in order to fix Portable Smart Speaker Bluetooth Disconnects From Bluetooth Device.

Method 1 : Check if speaker is within wireless range

One of the common cause why paired devices suddenly disconnects wireless connection is because of the distance between the speaker and the device. The average wireless range for a Bluetooth connection is at least 30 feet or 9 meters. If the paired devices are not within the recommended Bluetooth range then the connection will disconnect and you will experience connection issues.

Make sure to move speaker and Bluetooth device in close proximity with each other. Once speaker and device are close to each other, connect Bluetooth again and then check if the issue still exists.

Method 2: Check Battery level

When the battery is extremely low for both the speaker and or the Bluetooth device, Bluetooth connection of the paired devices disconnects and connection issues can occur. It can either be not connecting at all or suddenly disconnects. Check the battery level for the speaker and the device, if battery level start to go low plug it into the charging outlet to avoid disconnection.

Method 3: Erase Memory list of paired Bluetooth devices devices

Bluetooth enabled devices usually remembers those that were previously connected to. Most of these devices can store up to 8 devices at a time on the list. When one of the previously paired Bluetooth devices is nearby, it automatically connects to the device hence disconnecting Portable Smart Speaker from Bluetooth device.

To be able to fix this, you may need to clear the memory of the list of previously paired devices. Performing this method allows you to create a new memory. After erasing the list of paired devices, try to connect speaker to Bluetooth device again and then check if Smart Speaker Bluetooth Disconnects From Bluetooth Device still occurs.

Method 4: Check and install available updates

An outdated version of the speaker can cause issues such as connection issues. It is therefore to check for available updates and then install them if there are any.

To check for available updates, you can choose any of the following options: Via Bose connect app on the device or you can connect the speaker to the computer and then use Bose Online Updater that can be found on Bose website.

After checking and installing available updates for speaker, check if Smart Speaker Bluetooth disconnects from Bluetooth devices still occurs.

Method 5: Perform Soft Reboot

Almost all of the electronics nowadays needs a soft reboot from time to time. Performing a soft reboot refreshes the speaker and Bluetooth devices system through the soft reboot process.

To do a soft reboot:

  1. While speaker ON, press Power Button to turn it OFF.
  2. After 10 seconds, press again the Power Button on the speaker to turn it ON

After performing a soft reboot on the speaker, check if Smart Speaker Bluetooth disconnects from Bluetooth devices still occurs.

Method 6: Reset Smart Speaker Bluetooth

If after performing the methods above but the speaker still disconnects from the paired Bluetooth devices, you may need to reset Bluetooth speaker. If there are bugs in the software present on the speaker, it is possibly the culprit for this problem to occur. Resetting bring back the speaker to its default state. You may need to set the settings of the speaker again according to one’s preference.

To do this:

  1. Press Power button to turn ON speaker
  2. Press and hold Power Button for 10 seconds. Wait for the blinking blue light to appear
  3. A voice prompt will then ask you which language you want to choose. Reset process is complete.

After resetting Smart Speaker Bluetooth, set up speaker again then Press Bluetooth button to search for nearby device to pair with and then check if Smart Speaker Bluetooth disconnects from Bluetooth device still occurs.

Hope this article helps Bose Portable Smart Speaker Bluetooth that disconnects from paired device problem . For more troubleshooting videos, feel free to visit our TheDroidGuy Youtube Channel.

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