5 Best Tabletop Radios With Bluetooth Speakers

Tabletop radios used to be a common feature in every house. However, the trend has changed significantly today. We’ve got Bluetooth capable speakers today that are extremely portable and some even come with water resistance on board. Keeping this in mind, it’s not surprising to see that the trend for these speakers have diminished significantly. However, if you’re still looking for speakers like these, you will be pleased to know that there are still some around (and from big manufacturers too). We’re going to discuss a few of these speakers. The best part? All of these speakers come with Bluetooth support, offering you the ability to play music from a variety of sources.  So you can easily stream music from Spotify or Youtube from your phone. And of course, they come with FM radios too, offering the best of both worlds.

BoseBose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV, works with Alexa, Espresso BlackCheck Price on Amazon

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What’s amazing is that none of these are too expensive our out of the budget. Speakers like this can be had for a throwaway price. However, you will have to shell out slightly more for quality audio units from popular brands. Some of these even have the ability to stream audio from popular services like Spotify, which is a bonus. So let’s dive in.

5 best tabletop radios with Bluetooth speakers

Bose Wave IV

One of the more popular tabletop radios out there, this is a slightly upgraded version of the original Wave IV and it comes with a few amazing additions on board. First and foremost, the audio sent through by the speakers are incredibly loud, especially for its size. It’s no doubt going to surprise most people with its audio quality, and that’s expected from a company like Bose. It also comes with a traditional CD player on board, if you’re leaning towards reusing your old music CDs. You can also use internet radios and other streaming services on the Bose IV, thanks to the built in WiFi support.

To top it off, Bose’s SoundTouch application will help users navigate the features of the speaker. It’s a pretty nifty product overall, and it’s hard to find a comprehensive radio such as this one in the market, especially from one of the bigger manufacturers. The Bose Wave IV will set you back by $539, which is fairly justified given that it can play almost anything you throw at it. Keeping this in mind, we suggest everyone to have a closer look at the product from Amazon.


Grace Digital Mondo+

This one takes the convenience aspect a little further, thanks to the built-in 3.5-inch display on board, helping you navigate the features of the speaker. This is a more modern touch to the conventional tabletop radio. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can even play music from streaming services like Google Play Music, Spotify etc. Think of this as a Bluetooth speaker, but with a significantly better speaker and a display to boot. To make it even easier to navigate the controls, the manufacturer even offers an IR remote.

It also supports standard AM/FM frequencies, which is good if you’re in the mood for some shuffled music from your favorite stations. There’s internet radio support as well, allowing you to choose from thousands of stations. The speakers also support multi-room audio. Overall, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive speaker solution, this will definitely have to do it. It’s got practically every feature you can ask from speakers. Customer reviews also suggest that the speakers perform fairly well in most circumstances. It’s loud enough to fill a decently sized room. However, the best part here is that the speakers will only set you back by $149.99. This is amazing given the kind of features it comes with. You can snatch this one up on Amazon.

Como Audio Solo

This particular tabletop radio comes with a very retro look and feel. This is one for those who want a throwback to the past, yet need to have some of the newest features on board. Don’t go by the looks, however, as this product comes with a pretty decent set of hardware underneath the exterior. It also supports Hi-Fi sound, which greatly bolsters its audio performance. Navigation here is pretty easy thanks to the onboard dials as well as the tiny display to go with it. You can also use your USB flash drive to play music with these speakers directly. Naturally, the manufacturers also have a dedicated app for these speakers. The company even offers a remote along with the product, which you can use as an alternative for the app, or vice versa.

One feature missing out here is support for AM frequencies. So you can only access FM stations with this particular radio. But if that’s not a dealbreaker, this is definitely an attractive buy. This product is currently priced at $299, which is a very good price for a product of this caliber.


Tivoli Audio Pal BT

This one mimics a more recent speaker design, so you don’t necessarily have the retro feel with it. However, it easily stands out in a crowd of identical looking speakers. The big plus here is that it’s easy to carry around, which is excellent if you plan on traveling or go on a road trip. It comes with support for AM/FM frequencies, along with Bluetooth, which means you can play pretty much any music using a modern smartphone. If you don’t want to depend on your phone, you can just as easily pick from the plethora of FM stations available out there.

It’s a simple and hassle free product and you get exactly what you want. This basically means that you will spend significantly less here compared to other speakers on this list. It can be currently snatched up on Amazon for $137. If you’re in the market for an exciting set of speakers on budget, this one will definitely make the cut.


Sparc SHD-BT1

This one takes the price tag even lower, and is very basic in appearance. However, it comes with a majority of the connectivity features like Bluetooth, as well as standard FM radio, which is pretty much all you need from a tabletop radio. Given its size, you can place it any room you want. The all-wood design combined with the LCD panel gives it a pretty streamlined look. The product also has navigational buttons on top, which is definitely handy.

One particularly interesting feature here is that if there’s an HD station available in your location, it will automatically switch to that one, thus giving you a significantly better experience with radio. One criticism that comes often about the Sparc SDH-BT1 is that its quality is somewhat shaky when music is played on full volume. You will have to shell out $69.99 for these speakers. If you’re looking for something within a budget for casual use, this is worth a try.

BoseBose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV, works with Alexa, Espresso BlackCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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