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Many Nintendo Switch users experience controller syncing problems all the time and fortunately, the issue is temporary for most. If your Joy-Con controller won’t sync at all and the problem won’t go away on its own, this article should help. 

Find out the potential solutions that you can try by spending a few minutes with this troubleshooting guide.

Why would a Joy-Con controller fail to sync?

Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller may encounter pairing or syncing issues for a variety of reasons. Let’s check some of the commonly encountered causes for controller connection problems on Nintendo Switch below.

Bluetooth signal interference.

The Nintendo Switch uses industry standard Bluetooth technology to communicate with its Joy-Cons. If you’re having trouble pairing or syncing any or all controllers to the console, the first thing that you should check is the possibility of a Bluetooth signal interference. This means that the console and controllers are not talking to each other may be due to absence of Bluetooth connectivity, or perhaps another Bluetooth device is cutting off the signal.

Random console or controller bug.

The Switch may disconnect from its controllers due to a random bug. Sometimes, a controller’s firmware, the mini-OS that helps the hardware work with the console, may develop a glitch. This is rare and is usually easily fixable by simply re-pairing.

Hardware malfunction.

If your Joy-Con is damaged, like when it’s hit hard or dropped, it may break a component in the logic board. Depending on the severity of the damage, a quick repair may or may not help.

How to fix a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller that won’t sync?

So, are there any practical solutions that you can try if your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller won’t sync or keeps getting disconnected? Check out the solutions below and see which one can solve the problem.

  1. Turn off other Bluetooth devices.

    If you have multiple Bluetooth devices running actively at the same time, try turning them off to see if any one of them is interfering with your Joy-Cons. Wireless headsets, wireless speakers, smartwatches, third party controllers, are some of the common devices that can potentially hinder Bluetooth connectivity for Nintendo Switch.Bluetooth gadgets

  2. Connect the controller to the console directly.

    If your Joy-Con is installed on the controller grip when it won’t sync, try using it with your Switch in handheld mode. Doing this will force the console to recognize the controller again using a direct connection. Some users have reported that doing this has fixed their syncing problem in the past.Nintendo Switch handheld mode

  3. Ensure controller has good line-of-sight to the console.

    If the Joy-Con is still disconnecting and won’t re-establish a solid connection, make sure that you use it use in close proximity with the Nintendo Switch. There should be an unobstructed line-of-sight between it and the console. A glass or metal between the controller and the console may interfere with the Bluetooth connection. Joy Con line of sight

  4. Charge the console and controllers.

    Weak battery may cause connection problems with some Joy-Cons. Try charging both the console and controller before detaching them from each other and see if that improves things.Joy Con controllers

What to do if your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller still won’t sync at all?

If none of the solutions above helps in fixing the connection problem, you should consider getting a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or a new Joy-Con.

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