How To Fix Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 Timed Out Error

Are you getting the 2618-0201 time out error on your Nintendo Switch? This error is likely due to an unstable internet connection or wifi issue but there are other factors that we can consider. In many cases, this problem goes away on its own, specifically if it’s caused by a server glitch but in the event that it doesn’t, you’ll have to perform troubleshooting steps to fix it. Find out the fixes that you can try to resolve this problem below.

What are the reasons for Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 error?

The causes for Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 error can vary. Here are some of the common reasons for the problem.

Game-specific server issues.

If you’re getting the 2618-0201 error when trying to play a game online, it’s likely that it’s caused by a server issue. After almost 3 years of gaming on Nintendo Switch, I’ve experienced my fair share of server maintenance and outages. If this error pops up out of the blue and the game was previously working normally, you should check for any game-specific server problems first.

Slow or intermittent internet connection.

Another likely trigger for Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 error is an issue with your internet connection. Some gamers have reported that this problem started to show up when their connection drops randomly, or when slow enough to maintain a solid communication with game servers.

Random Nintendo Switch bug.

Just like any computer or smartphone, your Nintendo Switch can encounter glitches from time to time. To check if the issue is due to a random bug, try rebooting the console.

Signal interference (if on wifi).

If you’re using wifi, it’s possible that the cause for your connection time outs may not be specific to the console but rather on your wifi signal. If your Switch is far from your router, or if there’s a reason why the signal keeps dropping off, this may lead to poor internet connection, which can also cause the Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 error.

Ineffective DNS.

Using a non-working Domain Name Server or DNS can cause the console to lose internet connection. To work around this possible issue, you can check and replace the DNS on your console with a different one.

NAT issues.

In some rare cases, the Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 occurs if the console has a restricted NAT type. Ideally, your Switch should be using NAT type A although type B is also okay.

How to fix Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 Timed Out Error?

Below are the potential solutions that you can try to fix this error.

  1. Check for server maintenance or outage.

    To fix Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 error, it’s not a bad idea to check the current status of Nintendo game servers first. This is important since there’s nothing that you can do on your Switch if the real reason for the problem is something that’s outside your device. Visit the official Nintendo website to see if there’s any outage or maintenance information that’s related to your game.Nintendo Server status page

  2. Run internet connection test.

    After checking that there’s no server issue for the game you’re playing, it’s time to try diagnosing the issue on your console. You can start by running an internet connection test so you’ll know how fast the download and upload speeds your console has. On top of that, you will also know the NAT type of your console. This can be helpful if you need to check for NAT type issues.To do an internet connection test, go to System Settings>Internet>Test Connection.In order to fix Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 error, or avoid it altogether, you want to make sure that your internet speed does not go below 3Mbps. Although some games like Animal Crossing New Horizons is fine even if you’re only getting 1Mbps, some games may require faster speeds.Test connection result switch

  3. Check for intermittent connection issue.

    While doing an internet connection test can help you check if you have a slow connection problem, it’s totally not helpful in knowing whether or not your connection is dropping randomly. To diagnose a possible intermittent connection problem, you’ll need to do monitor your devices that’s connected to your router for some time. If you noticed that your Switch, smartphone, or laptop seem to be losing internet connection from time to time however brief, you may have an intermittent connection. There are other more advanced techniques in confirming intermittent connection problem on any device so if you suspect that your connection is unstable, use Google to search for more troubleshooting steps. 

  4. Reboot the Nintendo Switch console.

    If you’re still trying to fix Nintendo Switch 2618-0201 Timed Out error at this point, the next good solution that you can try is to reboot the console. A lot of users who encountered this error reported that it this simple step is effective. Make sure that you don’t skip this at all. Just press and hold the Power button for about 12 seconds. Afterwards, press the Power button once to try to turn the console back on.Power button 2

  5. Troubleshoot your wifi.

    Although the Nintendo Switch can use a wired setup, it’s primarily designed to be portable so a wireless connection is so much better. The drawbacks of using a wireless connection though is considerable, depending on your situation. Wifi connection is more unstable as its signal can suffer from interference from a whole range of factors.To see if you have a wifi issue, follow these suggestions:-Move your Nintendo Switch closer to the router (preferably about 10-15 feet away).-Avoid placing metal objects, glass, or other wireless devices between your Switch and router.-Try using 5Ghz band instead of 2.4Ghz. Check your router documentation or get help from your Internet Service Provider if you are unsure how to do this.WORKAROUND: If you largely place your Switch in a dock than use it in handheld mode, consider using a wired setup. Just connect a LAN cable to connect the dock to the router and see if that will fix the 2618-0201 error.router 1

  6. Use alternate DNS.

    If you are still getting the 2618-0201 error on your Nintendo Switch at this point, you can try to check if your console suffers from possible DNS-related issue. ISP-provided DNS sometimes go down so if you want to change the default DNS on your switch, consider using third party DNS servers like that of Google.Here’s how it’s done:-On your Switch, Open Settings.-Go to Internet.-Go to Internet Settings.-Click on the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.-Select Change Settings.-Select DNS Settings.-Change from Automatic to Manual.-Change the Primary DNS setting to the Secondary DNS setting to servers

  7. Check for NAT issues.

    In order to avoid issues playing online with other players, you want to ensure that your Nintendo Switch NAT type is A or B. You should know what your console’s NAT type is after running an internet connection test, as mentioned above (Step #2).NAT type 1

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