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Are you getting the dreaded Nintendo Switch black screen issue? There’s no need to panic as oftentimes, this problem is easily fixable on your end. Learn what you can do by following this guide.

What are the reasons for Nintendo Switch black or blank screen issue?

There are a number of possible reasons why your Nintendo Switch appears off, not turning on, or only showing a black screen. Let’s check each of them briefly below.

Battery is drained.

Some Switch users may panic right away if they realize that their console only shows a black or blank screen after attempting to power it back on. If your Switch has black screen but the battery charge indicator shows up briefly before disappearing, it’s possible that the battery may simply need to be charged longer before the system turns back on.

Broken AC adapter or dock.

In other cases, a bad charging adapter (AC adapter) or dock is the reason why a Nintendo Switch is not turning on. 

Screen is damaged.

The Nintendo Switch uses components that are found in a smartphone, which is why it also sports a touchscreen. If the screen is broken, the console may not turn on and the screen will only show a black screen. 

If your console still charges fine but the screen remains blank, you may have a possible screen problem.

Other hardware issues.

Just like any electronic device, your Nintendo Switch can fail completely if there’s an issue with one of its critical components, or if there’s a motherboard failure.

How to fix Nintendo Switch black or blank screen issue

There are a couple of possible solutions that you can try to fix black screen issue on Nintendo Switch.

  1. Perform a forced reboot.

    If your Nintendo Switch has black screen, the first potential solution that you must do is to perform a forced reboot, also known as hard reset. Here’s how it’s done:
    -Connect the AC adapter to your Nintendo Switch console.
    -Wait for about 10-15 minutes (this should allow the battery to charge for some time).
    -Press and hold the Power button for about 12 seconds. Afterwards, press the Power button once to try to turn the console back on.Power button 2

  2. Check the charging accessories (AC adapter, cable, dock).

    Make sure that the charging accessories that you’re using are working. If possible, try to charge your Nintendo Switch console with another AC adapter. If you have a friend or a family member that plays the Switch, try to borrow his or her AC adapter and use it to charge. Make sure to leave the console and controllers charging for at least 3 hours.
    If your Switch turns back on using a second set of charging accessories, that means that your own AC adapter, cable or dock may be defective.AC adapter 1

What to do if your Nintendo Switch still has black screen issue?

If your Switch is still not working after you’ve checked the charging accessories and forced reboot it, you should contact Nintendo for repair. When returning the console, make sure to also include the AC adapter or dock so they can also be tested.

If there’s no nearby Nintendo store in your area, contact their technical support team using their website.

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