How to Fix Galaxy S4 Black Screen Problem

We received another email from a troubled Samsung Galaxy S4 user which reads, “When I’m playing a game or when opening any app, I encounter a Galaxy S4 black screen problem. The only thing that shows during its occurrence is the time only. Then, does not respond for a while. Is my phone malfunctioning? I tried to use GPS and the screen goes blank again.”

The Possible Causes of the Galaxy S4 Black Screen Problem

There are a couple of factors that may cause the Galaxy S4 black screen problem. It can be a malfunctioning app, system glitch or malware. A hardware problem may also trigger the issue.

The Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S4 Black Screen Problem

Here are possible ways to fix the Galaxy S4 black screen issue:

1. Soft Reset

Hold the Power/Lock button for around 10 seconds until the phone boots successfully. This will allow its system to refresh and eliminate minor glitches. However, this only serves as a temporary solution.

2. Update Apps and Firmware

See to it that your apps or firmware are up to date. Always install updates when you see one. This will help remove bugs in the current version or the software you are running and improve the performance of your system.

3. Install Antivirus or Anti-Malware Apps

Look for a reliable antivirus or anti-malware app. Viruses and malware do not only steal your personal information but they also corrupt the data stored in your phone. So, always see to it that you have the most reliable or updated antivirus or anti-malware app.

4. Factory Reset

A quick way to remove major glitches or bugs left behind by third-party apps is via Factory Reset or Hard Reset. This process will entirely clean your system but it will also remove all the data stored in your device. So, be sure to backup first prior to this.

5. Bring the Phone to a Repairman

If a Factory Reset fails to fix the device or you notice something unusual to the hardware of your device like frequent overheating, the issue may no longer be just within the software. If this is the case, bring it to a technician already for a hardware checkup and repair.

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