12 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Audio Stuttering on Windows 11

Experiencing stuttering or choppy audio from your Bluetooth headphones on Windows 11? This frustrating issue can disrupt your listening enjoyment. Thankfully, several troubleshooting steps may smooth out that jittery sound.

Method 1 – Update Bluetooth Drivers

Outdated Bluetooth drivers often cause performance and connectivity problems. Updating to the latest driver can resolve bugs and improve compatibility.

  1. Open Device Manager (right-click Start menu and select it)
  2. Expand the “Bluetooth” section
  3. Right click on your Bluetooth adapter and select “Update driver”
  4. Search online for the newest driver from your adapter manufacturer and install it

Method 2 – Switch Between WiFi Bands

Bluetooth and WiFi often interfere if using the same frequency band. Change your router’s settings to use 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz to eliminate this.

  1. Access your WiFi router’s admin interface and find the frequency/band settings
  2. Switch the frequency band from 2.4GHz to 5GHz
  3. Reconnect your devices to the 5GHz WiFi network

Method 3 – Disable Audio Enhancements

The Audio Enhancements feature in Windows 10 boosts sound but can cause glitches.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Sound
  2. Select the Playback tab
  3. Right-click your headphones and select Properties
  4. Click the Enhancements tab and disable all effects

Method 4 – Reinstall Bluetooth and WiFi Drivers

Reinstalling your Bluetooth and WiFi drivers can update corrupt files or reset settings.

To reinstall a driver:

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Right-click the adapter and select Uninstall device
  3. In Device Manager, click Action > Scan for hardware changes
  4. Windows will reinstall the driver automatically

Method 5 – Adjust WiFi Roaming Aggressiveness

Overly aggressive WiFi roaming can interfere with Bluetooth connections.

  1. Open Device Manager and find your WiFi adapter
  2. Right-click, select Properties > Advanced tab
  3. Set Roaming Aggressiveness to Lowest

Method 6 – Disable Bluetooth Services

Remote Control and Handsfree Telephony services can conflict with audio.

  1. Open Bluetooth device Properties > Services tab
  2. Uncheck Remote Control and Handsfree Telephony

Method 7 – Disable Bluetooth Collaboration

  1. For Broadcom adapters, open Network Adapter Properties > Advanced
  2. Set Bluetooth Collaboration to Disable

Method 8 – Use a USB Cable for Dongle

Using a USB cable can solve electrical interference issues.

  1. Plug your Bluetooth dongle into a USB extension cable
  2. Extend the cable distance from the computer

Method 9 – Turn Off Nearby Bluetooth Devices

Too many connected Bluetooth devices can degrade the signal.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on unused mobile and wireless devices
  2. Unpair extras devices from your computer

Method 10 – Restart Bluetooth Support Service

  1. Open services.msc
  2. Find Bluetooth Support Service, right click and select Restart

Method 11 – Adjust Power Management

  1. Open adapter Properties > Power Management tab
  2. Uncheck “Allow computer to turn off device”

Method 12 – Use a Bluetooth USB Adapter

Switching to an external USB Bluetooth adapter may improve reliability.

Hopefully these steps resolve your stuttering Bluetooth audio problems on Windows 11! Let me know if you need any clarification implementing these fixes.

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