How To Bypass The 130 Character Limit On Colored Background Facebook Posts

Facebook’s colored background posts are a great way to create visually appealing, attention-grabbing content. However, these posts have a strict 130 character limit, which can make it challenging to convey your full message.

In this article, I’ll explain a simple trick that allows you to bypass the character limit and write longer posts with colored backgrounds.

How to Bypass the 130 Character Limit

Here are the steps to compose colored background posts that exceed 130 characters on Facebook:

  1. Draft your post content in a text document first. Don’t worry about the character limit as you write.
  2. Go to your Facebook profile and create a test post with any temporary text. Make sure to set the audience to “Only Me” so no one else sees this draft post.
  3. Open the mobile Facebook website ( in a new browser tab on your computer. (see below for more tricks to access mobile view)
  4. Navigate to your profile page. Click the three-dot menu on your test post and select “Edit Post.”
  5. Delete the temporary text you had written earlier. Paste in the full post content from your text document, even though it exceeds 130 characters. The mobile website will allow you to save long form content.
  6. Return to the desktop Facebook website, refresh your profile, and you’ll now see the long form post with a colored background displayed.
  7. Click the three-dot menu on this post and change the audience setting from “Only Me” to “Public” to share it with your followers.

The post will retain the colored background styling while showing your full content that exceeds 130 characters!

Hacks for Accessing Facebook’s Mobile View on Desktop

Although Facebook is designed primarily for mobile use, there are times when you may want to access the mobile site on your desktop. The mobile view allows you to take advantage of features that are only available on mobile. Here are some methods for accessing Facebook’s mobile site on your desktop browser:

Use the Mobile Site URL

The easiest way is to simply navigate directly to the mobile site by typing into your browser’s address bar. This will bring up the Facebook mobile interface optimized for smaller screens.

Append /mobile to the Normal URL

You can also get the mobile site by adding /mobile to the end of the normal Facebook URL. For example:

Enable Device Emulation in Chrome DevTools

If you want an authentic mobile experience, use Chrome DevTools to emulate a mobile device. Open DevTools, click the Device Mode icon, and select a mobile device like an iPhone. Refresh the page to load the mobile site.

Use a User Agent Switcher Extension

Browser extensions like User-Agent Switcher for Chrome allow you to spoof your browser’s user agent. Set it to a mobile user agent and Facebook will serve you the mobile experience.

Chrome Mobile Emulator Extension

Get full mobile emulation on desktop with the Chrome Mobile Emulator extension. It’s customizable so you can mimic various mobile browsers for testing.

With these handy methods, you can easily access Facebook’s mobile experience on your desktop browser for certain tasks and testing. Just flip back to the desktop site when you’re done.

The Benefits of Longer Colored Background Posts

Longer posts on colored backgrounds enable you to:

  • Include more details and explanations to better inform your audience
  • Add longer calls-to-action so you can clearly tell followers what you want them to do
  • Share more persuasive messaging to convince readers to take action
  • Avoid having to truncate or oversimplify your content

So despite the extra effort required, it’s worth learning how to create longer colored background posts to boost engagement.

Important Considerations

When composing an extra long colored background post, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to 1-2 concise paragraphs for optimal clarity and engagement. Avoid extremely lengthy posts.
  • Use line breaks, bullets, and other formatting for better readability.
  • Ensure your post content aligns with the background color and fits your brand style.
  • Analyze engagement analytics to see if your extended posts are effective or if you should shorten them.

With this simple trick, you can create colored background Facebook posts that contain all the important details you want to share, unencumbered by the strict 130 character limit. Write long form content in a text document, paste it into the mobile editor, and then share the post natively on desktop. Just be sure not to overdo the length and carefully tailor your messaging. More impactful colored background posts will lead to higher engagement!


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