How To Fix Animal Crossing Black Screen Issue | Nintendo Switch

Some Nintendo Switch users have reported to us that their Animal Crossing New Horizons game gets stuck in a black screen. While the issue is not that pervasive as far as we know, it can become a frustrating problem and even a devastating one if you become impatient in dealing with it. 

Some gamers have reported that their saved game file become corrupted after impatiently restarting their Nintendo Switch to get rid of the problem. This is an unfortunate consequence if you interrupt a game while the Switch is still saving.

If you are experiencing this problem on Animal Crossing, this guide should help.

Causes of Animal Crossing Black Screen issue

We’ve identified three possible causes for Animal Crossing New Horizons black screen issue.

Random fluke.

Not everyone can encounter this problem but if you are one of the unlucky gamers who has to deal with it, don’t panic right away. There’s a big chance that the game or the system may have simply encountered a glitch that it can’t resolve. 

If it’s your first time to experience your Animal Crossing New Horizons being stuck in a black loading screen, take it easy by doing a simple thing: wait. 

If the cause of the problem is a minor bug, letting the game do its thing should help.

Slow internet connection.

If your wifi or wired internet connection is slow or intermittent, it may affect how the game communicate with the servers, especially when it’s trying to load between areas, or when about to close the game.

Corrupted game.

In some rare cases, a corrupted saved game or data is to blame. The best thing that you can do in this case is to close the application and restart the game. 

If your game keeps freezing or not loading at all, there may be an issue with the Animal Crossing New Horizons save file. This means that you’ll have to play the game from the start in order to play.

How to fix Animal Crossing Black Screen issue on Nintendo Switch

There are three potential solutions that you can do to fix Animal Crossing New Horizons game that’s stuck in black screen. Learn what you can do below.

  1. First Solution: Wait!

    If your Animal Crossing game appears to be taking its sweet time to save or load and it keeps getting stuck in a black screen, the first potential solution is to never interrupt it. Do not attempt to stop the console while it’s trying to save in order to avoid damaging the game saved file or game progress.
    Some gamers have reported to have waited for as long as 15 minutes for their Switch to load or save their game progress. If you don’t want to lose precious hours you’ve put into your game already, just let the game be and see what happens.Animal Crossing black screen

  2. Second Solution: Enable Airplane Mode.

    Because the game connects to the internet when moving between areas, like when you visit a friend’s island, or when about to close the game, your internet connection can affect the game. If you have slow or intermittent connection problem, you can cut the connection in your console instead to fix the problem. 
    You can turn on Airplane Mode or Flight Mode on your Nintendo Switch to fix the problem. Here’s how to do that:
    -On any screen, press and hold the Home button. This button is right below the right analog stick.
    -Scroll down and find Flight Mode.
    -Press A on your controller to enable Flight Mode.Flight Mode Nintendo Switch

  3. Third Solution: Close the application.

    If your Nintendo Switch is already on Flight Mode but Animal Crossing is still stuck in a black screen, you have no other choice but to try to see what happens when you close it. Keep in mind that this solution can potentially damage the game progress file. You must only do this if you’ve already tried doing the first two solutions above.
    To close the game:
    -Press the Home button.
    -Make sure that the Animal Crossing New Horizons game icon is selected.
    -Press X on the controller.
    -Select Close.
    Once the game has been closed, try running the game again to see if the problem still occurs.Close application Nintendo Switch

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