5 Best Fishing Underwater Cameras In 2020

Fishing can go beyond just bringing your pole to the boat or water and casting a line. It can very quickly get a lot more complicated than that, and not as a bad thing — technology really can help you catch a fish or find a specific fish that you’re trying to find. For that, you would use something called an underwater fishing camera. These waterproof cameras will let you send a lens down to the bottom of the lake so that you can see the type of fish down there. This is especially useful if you’re looking for a specific species, such as a large bass or catfish. With an underwater fishing camera, you’ll be able to properly dial into the perfect fishing spots, saving you more time for the fish you want to catch.

Fishing Underwater Cameras

So if you follow along below, we’ll show you the best fishing underwater cameras on the market.

Anysun 1/3 Inch Sony CCD Fishing Camera

First up, we have the Anysun 1/3 Inch Sony CCD Fishing Camera. This camera is packed with excellent features, including the ability to remotely control the fish finder camera. There are about 10 hours of straight battery life with this camera, so you’ll be able to use this in longer fishing sessions before needing a charge. The camera itself is housed in a metal cover case to keep it protected from water, and then there’s cold-resistant, pull-resistant, and waterproof cabling of up to twenty feet. The monitor itself is protected with a special material to keep the sun from destroying it. The housing itself has a 7-inch TFT monitor, so you’ll be able to see every detail of the underwater world with it.

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Aqua-Vu AV715C

Aqua-Vu is a company that has been around a long time, creating underwater fishing cameras for over ten years now. That said, all of that experience has gone into the AV715C, creating one of the best underwater fishing camera experiences on the market. It has 50-feet of integrated cable, so you’ll be able to drop that underwater camera far into the water. The camera itself is IP67 rated, so it’s water-proofed. Your package comes with a 12-volt, 7-amp rechargeable battery and a charger. It has a 7-inch LCD screen — the size of a small tablet — so you’ll be able to see all of those underwater details.

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Boblov Underwater Fishing Camera

Next up, we have the Boblov Underwater Fishing Camera. It has a 7-inch TFT color monitor for seeing all of your underwater details. On the monitor, itself is a sun visor, which keeps it protected from being out in the heat all day. It is removable, so if you ever decide that it’s time to pull it off, you can! The camera itself is rated for IP68 waterproofing, and then there are around thirty meters of waterproof cable. The Boblov can be used in almost any fishing application, and it’ll work in temp ranges between 20 – 60 degrees Celsius.

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Enyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

You might also want to check out what the Enyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera has to offer. It’s one of the more affordable solutions on our list, but a few cons do come with that. For example, you only have 15 meters of cable versus the Boblov’s thirty meters.

It’s rated for IP68 waterproofing and has a 7-inch TFT colored monitor display. A 4,500mAh battery will keep this underwater fishing monitor powered for up to 10 hours of straight recording. The product itself is made of really durable material, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it on any trips.

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Aqua Camera Pro

The Aqua Camera Pro might not be an underwater fishing camera, but it is a way to let your device take underwater photos. As long as your smartphone is waterproof, you can use this application to take photos with the proximity sensor or hardware buttons. Just keep in mind that your device must be waterproof before using this application — you don’t want to destroy your device. Aqua Camera Pro does say it works great with the Sony Xperia line of devices, as well as many of Samsung’s Galaxy flagships.

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As you can see, underwater fishing cameras are relatively inexpensive and allow you to take your fishing skills to the next level. If you still cannot afford an underwater fishing camera, if your device is waterproof, you might even want to consider using the Aqua Camera Pro app to take photos underwater with your smartphone.

Fishing Underwater Cameras