5 Best Fishing Depth Finder in 2024

If you’re not familiar with fish finders, they can enhance the fisherman’s ability to catch fish exponentially. In its most basic form, a fish finder is used to locate fish. It will basically display where the fish are at on a screen, and does this through technologies like SONAR, GPS, and more. Fish finders generally show you data that is color coded so that you can see the difference between a school of fish and corals or rocks in an area.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your fishing game, then you might want to employ the use of a fish finder on your boat. If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best fish finders that you can pick up on the market. Here are our top picks.

Best Fishing Depth Finder

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1. Deeper – Smart Sonar

You can easily use this application with a Deeper Fish Finder, but even if you don’t have one, it can be used for planning your next fishing trip. You can log all of your fishing catches in specific areas with the Fishing Notes function. You can even use the Map function to plan your next boat fishing trip. When you have a Deeper Fish Finder, you can sync the app up with the fish finder to look at data from your phone — you can see data like temperature, lake bottom structure, depth, vegetation and fish locations, and more. Download it for free at the link below.

Download on Google Play

2. Garmin Echo 551DV Fish Finder

Finally, we have the Garmin Echo 551DV Fish Finder. This is one of the newest and most advanced fish finders on the market. It shows you fishing sonar on a large and clear display. The transducer in this fish finder is actually capable of 500 watts of power, and can show you as much depth as 2,300ft. The display is probably the best part of this fish finder, offering you all sorts of zoom features, horizontal and vertical viewing, and even a split screen mode for broadband sonar. The Garmin Echo 551DV has the usual waterproofing features, and even a loud audio alarm for when it’s time to cast or catch your fish! To make things easier, it comes with a tilt and swivel mount for your boat so that you can safely keep the Garmin Echo 551DV in place.

3. Lowrance Elite-5X HDI

We really like what’s offered in the Lowrance Elite-5X HDI as well. This has about half the power of the Garmin at 250 watts, and it can give underwater depth readings of up to 1,000 feet. The display on this fish finder might be small, but everything is clear and crisp so that you can easily analyze the data. It even has a downscan overlay so that you can combine traditional sonar readings with downscan. It displays it in a split-screen mode so that you can easily observe the data. It’s a little less expensive than the Garmin as well.

4. Lowrance Elite-7X

If you like the Lowrance Elite-5X HDI, you might want to consider the Lowrance Elite-7X. This is one of the nicer fish finder models on the market, and is slightly upgraded over the Elite-5X. It’s capable of the same 250 watts of power, but has a much larger and clearer display. You can split-screen a bunch of different data with downscan and sonar readings, and there’s even audio alarms for when it’s time to cast your fishing pole. The Lowrance Elite-7X can be used all over the world as well, as Lowrance is making it available in over 31 different languages.

5. Humminbird 859ci HD GPS and Sonar Fish Finder

Not a big fan of what Lowrance or Garmin are offering in their fish finders? Then you might want to consider what the Humminbird 859ci has to offer. This actually has both GPS technology and SONAR built into it. It has a wide 7-inch LED backlit display, and has some of the most power on this list — a whole 4,000 watts. This one has things like 360-degree imaging capabilities, I-Pilot Link Capabilities, temperature readings, and ways to set waypoints, screenshots, and save sonar recordings. This is easily one of the best fish finders on this list, so it’s frequently selling out of stock.

Best Fishing Depth Finder Verdict

If you’re looking at taking your fishing to the next level, then you need one of these fish finders. They will help you differentiate areas of vegetation between schools of fish, getting you right to the prime fishing spots.

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