How To Display Ping In Valorant

One of the features that you can use in Valorant when playing is to display one’s ping in-game. Players usually enable this feature to know what is their ping in-game or latency. If you enjoy playing an fps shooter game it is important to know your ping since you will know the network round trip time between your connection to the game’s server. Players with usually high ping are at a disadvantage since this is an online game, a delay of a second can cause you to lose during gun fights. In this article, we will be showing you quite a simple process to display one’s ping when playing Valorant.

Riot Games Valorant is a competitive first-person shooter. It is a free-to-play game with in-game transactions where you can buy skins for your weapons. Valorant is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-style game with features like purchase menus, spray patterns and shooting inaccuracy while moving.

Display ping in Valorant to know network round trip time

How To Display Ping In Valorant

It’s an easy method to display ping and FPS in Valorant. Players that are suffering from lag will be able to check their ping. Understanding how to interpret these two measures will assist a player in becoming more proficient in checking Riot Games Valorant. Follow the few steps below to measures in game ping counter and display it when playing Valorant.

Time Needed : 3 minutes

Display ping counter in game

  1. Open Valorant.

    This will open Valorant.
    Open Valorant

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

    This will pop up a new window.
    Click the gear icon in the upper right corner

  3. Click Settings.

    This will allow you to go to Settings window.
    Click Settings

  4. Click Video Tab and select Stats.

    This will allow you to go to Video settings of Stats.
    Click Video Tab and select Stats

  5. Under Client fps and Network RTT (Round Trip Time), you can set to text only, graph only or show both.

    This will let you display client fps and ping.Under Client fps and Network RTT Round Trip Time you can set to text only graph only or show both

What is fps and ping?

Ping is the time it takes for a system to respond to action is known as ping. You may encounter delayed connection such as lag or latency if it takes a long time for a data packet from your PC to reach the server and for the Valorant servers to process that action. Keep in mind that to complete a roundtrip, the server must also process the activities of other players, handle their requests as well as yours, and return all essential information to all parties involved. If the entire process takes a long time to finish, you will have Valorant high ping rates which you will experience lag, internet latency, or packet loss and you will be at a disadvantage in a gun fight. The lower your ping rate the smooth experience you will experience, which is measured in milliseconds when playing competitive, fast-paced games like Valorant, the better. To have a fast and smooth experience you need to have a good internet connection and internet plan which will fix high ping. In general you must have a low ping counter.

Frames per second or FPS is the frequency rate at which consecutive images frames are captured or displayed. The term applies to computer graphics, film, video cameras etc. In gaming it how smooth one’s game runs or how the amount of player’s screen choppy or slow in game. The more frames you can fit into a second, the smoother the motion on screen will appear. Frame rates of less than 30 frames per second will appear choppy or slow. So in general the higher the frame the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I fix high Valorant Ping?

    High ping can be cause by several factors, it could be your internet connection or it could be also an outages with the game server of Valorant. You can close also background applications that consume bandwidth to avoid high ping.

  2. Is 100 ping good for Valorant?

    100 ping is not good in in Valorant, you will be at a disadvantage, ideally you should have 60 below ping for this competitive game.

  3. What is a good ping for Valorant?

    0-60 ms ping is a good ping for Valorant.

  4. How do I check my ping Valorant when playing?

    You can follow our guide above for the instruction.

  5. Can you play Valorant with high ping?

    You can play but you will be at a disadvantage with gaming with other players.

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